If you look around your home there are probably a number of ways in which heat is escaping and cold air is coming in. Now, more than ever, we should be looking for ways to save energy. We share our top tips for keeping the heat in this winter.

Heat the home – not the walls

The radiators fixed to the walls are very good at heating the walls – not so great at heating the room. This easy insulation trick will reflect heat back into the room meaning that it will warm up faster and you won’t need to have the heating on for quite so long:

Cover a sheet of card with tin foil and place it behind your radiators. You can even cut it to fit behind the radiators if you’re feeling really clever. You could buy ready-made foil insulation that does the job too.

Look for draughts and block them

Check around the windows, key holes etc. for obvious signs where cold air could be coming in. You will probably find places where cold air is coming in and the heat is escaping. Using insulation tape, draught excluders etc, you can cover up these holes meaning that you can keep more of the heat in.

Bleed the radiators

When your radiators heat up, do they heat right to the top? If they don’t it could mean that your radiators need bleeding. The trapped air could be stopping the heat from rising and this simple trick could fix them saving you money on your heating bill. Grab a radiator bleed key in a DIY shop or online to do this and open the valve a little at the top. Once you hear a hiss and see a drip of water, close it again.

Is your boiler performing as it should?

When was the last time you had your boiler serviced? A poorly maintained boiler will not be working as efficiently as it should be and could be in danger of breaking down. If you do have a boiler service don’t try and do it on the cheap. Call in a Gas Safe Registered Engineer.

Lag your pipes

Keep your water hotter for longer by lagging the pipes – keeping them covered will keep the heat from escaping.

Close the curtains

A simple trick but so effective, the thicker the curtains the better. It may be time to take down the thin summer curtains and replace them with thicker ones. At least until the coldest weather is over. Don’t keep the daylight out all the time though – you need the sun to shine through on brighter days.

Put down rugs

If you have wooden floors, you could be losing heat beneath you. Putting down rugs will close up gaps and retain the heat in the room for longer. Not to mention it feels much nicer walking on rugs than it does on cold floors.

Don’t overheat the room

Use your thermostat to regulate the temperature throughout the house and keep it at a constant. Maybe even turn it down a notch and wear more layers or use blankets when you are sat down watching TV, for example. The less you have your heating on, the less it is going to cost. Also, consider the times of day that you heat. Is it less expensive if you only heat the house when you are actually there or during the day for a few hours?

Take advantage of the oven heat

That feeling when you open the oven to take out dinner – warm right? Well don’t shut the door again – use it that warmth to heat the house, or at least the kitchen. Why waste all that heat? Leave the oven open and heat the kitchen while you wait for it to cool down.

Insulate your home

If your home is inadequately insulated, you will be spending far more to heat your home than you should be. From the cavity wall insulation to your loft space and roof, it is important that you have the right insulation. While one of the more expensive tips for keeping the heat in this winter, it will save you money in the long run and prevent potential damp issues.

If you would like to discuss your requirements, give us a call on 01934 824005 and we will be happy to help. Also, if you have any top tips for keeping the heat in this winter, we’d love to hear them.