Conservatory Flat Roofs

We can replace your conservatory roof with an EPDM rubber flat roof

Why change to a conservatory flat roof instead of the current solution that you have?

There are a number of reasons that Thermal Roof  are called upon to replace conservatory roofs with an EPDM rubber flat roofing system. We take a look at why this may be the best option for you and explain more about the work we do in Weston-super-Mare, North Somerset, Somerset and Bristol.

Conservatories are an extension of the home

Conservatories and orangeries are intended to be an extension of our home. Somewhere that we can sit and enjoy the outside even in the worst of weathers. A place that we can socialise with family and friends or enjoy quiet reflection reading a book or just watching the world go by. The trouble is, when fitted with the wrong roof, this is not always the pleasant experience you might hope for.

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Conservatories need to be properly insulated

It is hard to regulate the temperature of a conservatory when you don’t have a thermally insulated room. It can be freezing cold in winter and too hot in summer. This means you are restricted to those days when it is mild enough to actually enjoy being in the room, not to mention the noise from falling rain. A perspex roof for example can exaggerate the noise of bad weather and let’s face it, we get plenty of that.

Our insulation for conservatory flat roofs includes a layer of either 25, 50, 75 or 100mm insulation board.

A conservatory flat roof offers numerous benefits

As well as being able to regulate the temperature with an EPDM rubber flat roofing solution, you can also reduce the impact of the noise caused by weather.

This type of roof will also weather even the worst extremes in temperature as the rubber will expand and contract meaning you won’t get cracks or leaks.

It is also a much cleaner option. Keeping the conservatory roof clean can require regular visits from the window cleaner.

The trouble with perspex or glass roofs is that when you look up, you can see falling debris, moss and algae that is growing on the roof – not the best when you have guests or just don’t like seeing the dirt.

Plenty of natural light without any of the glare

If this is a concern then don’t worry, we have that covered. At Thermal Roof, in addition to providing your conservatory flat roof, we can fit a roof light to ensure that the room benefits from plenty of natural light from above as well as from the windows.

It also means that you aren’t subjected to the glare of the sun in the height of summer and that you won’t be squinting when the sun is in certain positions at particular times of the day.

Conservatory Roof Light

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