Are you looking to upgrade the exterior of your property? Look no further than our exterior composite external slatted cladding! Our external cladding is not only durable and low-maintenance, but also adds a touch of style and versatility to any building. With a range of colours and finishes to choose from, our composite vertical cladding is the perfect solution for giving your property a fresh and modern look. 

Understanding the Basics of Composite Vertical Slatted Cladding

Composite slatted cladding is a popular choice for those looking to enhance their outdoor space with a modern and stylish touch. But what exactly is composite slatted decking and why should you consider it for your property?

What is Composite Slatted Cladding?

Composite slatted cladding is a type of vertical decking made from a combination of wood fibres and recycled materials. The result is a highly durable and low-maintenance cladding option that is resistant to rot, warping, and fading. Unlike traditional wooden cladding, composite slatted decking does not require regular sanding, staining, or sealing, making it a practical and time-saving choice.

Benefits of Vertical Slatted Cladding

There are many benefits to composite external cladding including:

  • Easy to clean – a low-maintenance product 
  • Provides excellent insulation and increases the EPC rating of your home
  • Eco-friendly. By using recycled materials, you are helping to reduce waste and conserve natural resources, making it an environmentally responsible choice.
  • Aesthetically pleasing – looks incredibly stylish and comes in a choice of colours
  • Weatherproof and protects the walls of your property from the elements
  • Can be installed on multiple wall types and around windows and doors
  • Can prevent dampness from entering your property
  • Can add value to your home

In summary, composite slatted cladding is a durable, low-maintenance, versatile, and eco-friendly option for revamping outdoor space. It provides the perfect foundation for creating a modern and stylish outdoor area that you can enjoy for years to come.

Fire Retardant

This is one of the questions we are regularly asked and we can confirm that all cladding provided by Thermal Roof meets the requirements of construction regs – Class A which is the lowest/best flame rating for non-combustible materials.

Trust the Experts

Thermal Roof is experienced when it comes to installing composite cladding and has provided the service to many satisfied customers to date. For more information, call our team on 01934 824005 who will be happy to answer any questions you might have.