Why use flat roof insulation?

Too hot in the summer – expensive to heat in the winter?

If you have an extension or room in your house fitted with a flat roof and you find that it is difficult to keep cool in the summer and expensive to heat in the winter then it is almost certainly due to inefficient or inadequate roof insulation. This can be quite common especially in older buildings and can not only make using the rooms uncomfortable but can also cost you money due to increased heating bills.

Condensation problems?

Domestic scale timber roofs notoriously suffer from the effects of condensation. Condensation happens when warm moist air comes in contact with a cold surface. In a building with an insufficiently insulated flat roof, moisture-laden warm air will rise from the room below and condense on the cold surface of the ceiling. Over time this will cause a build up of mould and can also damage the ceiling as well as being a health hazard.


Our insulation for existing flat roofs  is ideal for extensions & dormer roofs and includes a layer of either 25, 50, 75 or 100mm insulation board.

Flat roof insulation

By using our method of fitting insulation on the outside of the flat roof, above the main decking boards but below the waterproofing layer we are able to protect the deck boards, joists and ceiling from variations in the outside temperature.

We can fit various thicknesses of high performance insulation which will vastly reduce heat loss adding warmth and comfort to the rooms below whilst also vastly reducing the risk of condensation problems. Because the insulation is added to outside of the flat roof it can all be done with the minimum of mess and disruption.

Installed quickly & easily

In most cases our insulation can be safely installed over the top of your existing felt covered flat roof causing minimal inconvenience and disruption.

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