Frequently Asked Questions

How long will a fleeceback EDPM roof last for?2016-12-07T08:57:06+00:00

In excess of 50 years.

Can I walk on my new EPDM roof?2016-12-07T08:58:35+00:00

Yes – Occasionally and with normal footwear e.g. when carrying out maintenance/ window cleaning etc.

Can you cover over our existing roof with the EPDM fleece backed rubber membrane?2016-12-07T08:59:18+00:00

Yes, in most cases this is possible. However, all our installations are subject to a full site survey.

Is the EPDM fleece backed rubber membrane available in different colours?2016-12-07T09:00:31+00:00

No, it is only available in dark grey/ black.

Water tends to pond on my roof, will the EPDM fleece backed rubber membrane change this?2016-12-07T09:01:05+00:00

Any existing ponding of water on various areas of your roof may be reduced but will not be completely eradicated. This will not in any way affect the material its life, performance or guarantee.

Will my roof deck need replacing?2016-12-07T09:01:40+00:00

Not in all cases. All our installations are subject to a full site survey and this will usually be determined at this stage.

My flat roof has pipes and outlets on top, is that a problem?2016-12-07T09:02:08+00:00

No, the EPDM fleece backed rubber membrane is extremely flexible. Any detail work, angles etc can be easily accommodated and we have specific accessories and skills to do this.

Will I require scaffolding?2016-12-07T09:02:49+00:00

In most cases yes. The work at height regulations stipulate that we must take precautions to prevent a fall, whether this be by means of a safety harness, handrails around the roof, scaffolding etc.

Who will get rid of the waste/rubbish?2016-12-07T09:03:28+00:00

In most cases we will as we hold the correct local authority licences for the carrying of waste. However, should a skip be necessary, this will usually be an additional cost and charge at local rates.

Is the Thermal Roof EPDM fleece backed rubber flat roof system suitable for large areas?2016-12-07T09:04:21+00:00

Yes, due to the widths of the rolls, there will be less joins. The EPDM fleece backed rubber membrane is flexible so it is ideal for larger roofs.

Will I get a Guarantee?2016-12-07T09:05:16+00:00

All our installations are covered by our Company 25 year Guarantee, we also offer a 10 year insurance backed Guarantee to run alongside this.

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