Garage Flat Roofs

At Thermal Roof, we are highly experienced installers of garage flat roofs in Weston super Mare, North Somerset and the wider Somerset and Bristol areas…

What is your garage used for?

Your garage can be exactly that – a garage. Somewhere you store all your tools, garden furniture, the family bikes or your motor vehicle. Often though it can be so much more. Many people have the garage as an extension of the home. If it is attached to the house either on the side or the front, it can be knocked through to become another room. The garage door is replaced by windows and the room converted to serve its new purpose.

A converted garage will need a new flat roof

If you do decide to convert your garage and use it as an extension to your living space, it will need a new garage flat roof. Maybe you won’t use it as an extension of the home but as a workshop, spending much of your time out there in all seasons. Many people use their garage as a home office while others turn it into a makeshift gym.

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Insulate the room with a new garage flat roof

If the building has previously served as a garage then making it insulated and regulating the temperature would not have been a priority. If you are now going to use it as an extra living room or plan to spend large amounts of time in it then you want to make sure it is energy efficient and maintains a constant temperature. Our EPDM thermal insulated garage flat roof solution will do exactly that.

Our insulation for garage flat roofs includes a layer of either 25, 50, 75 or 100mm insulation board.
garage roof replacement

Why use EPDM rubber for your garage flat roof?

Unlike felt, fibreglass or other roofing systems, EPDM comes with a 25-year guarantee. It is a more robust material that won’t crack and tear when faced with extremes changes in temperature. It expands and contracts with the heat and cold making it the ideal material for British roofs.

Protect your garage

An EPDM garage flat roof will not only insulate the building it will also protect it.

When bad weather comes, felt roofs can crack and tear and water will find its way beneath the roof and into the garage. With a rubber, insulated material, the roof remains watertight and protected from the elements.

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