We seem to be having a very mild winter currently which has followed a very dry autumn. The seasons have become somewhat confused and the pattern of what usually happens to our homes has changed somewhat. The leaves fell early which led to gutters becoming clogged, which then led to people noticing a leaking flat roof.

Check your property now

Checking gutters usually tends to be something that occurs at the end of the autumn, in the winter when the leaves have all fallen. This is when they ascertain if they have any blockages, leaks or damage to the gutters. However, the early autumnal patterns have meant that the issues started much earlier leading to an increase in the amount of people discovering leaks before they have had chance to check their roofs and gutters.

That is why it is more important this year to get out and check your flat roofs for leaks, as well as carrying out an inspection of your guttering. You will only become aware of an issue otherwise when you start to see water running down your walls! Once water gets in through the roof, it can be one of the most expensive things in the home to get fixed.

Check your garage flat roof

Garage flat roofs seem to be a theme at the moment. Many people are calling up to say that their garage has a leaking flat roof and that the stuff they are storing inside is getting damaged. This has bucked the usual trend for this time of year – perhaps the mild weather is encouraging people to get out and sort out their garages or perhaps people are using their garages more. When was the last time you checked your garage roof?

Changing seasonal patterns

It’s no surprise that we are seeing an increase in leaks. In addition to blocked gutters causing issue, we can look to the weather patterns of the autumn and the amount of hot, dry weather that we experienced. Of course, once older flat roofs are exposed to heat for a sustained period, they are prone to cracking. Enter a spell of rain and you soon start to see leaky flat roofs.

Rain, rain, rain

One thing that does become apparent when we get so much rain is the condition of our gutters. It’s not always easy to see the state of them without getting out a ladder and taking a proper look but when it rains, we soon see evidence of leaks and overflowing pipes. You only have to take a look at the puddles forming, or the water running off the gutters or down the walls. This is not a good sign however and can mean one of two things

  1. You have a blockage and the water is overflowing
  2. There is a crack in your guttering which is allowing the water to escape

If you suspect your gutters might be leaking then it’s time to get them inspected. They either need unblocking or replacing and, if you don’t see to a blockage, it won’t be long before you are dealing with water damage to the walls and the roof of your property.

Inspect your flat roof and gutters

With such mild temperatures and so much rainfall, it’s definitely worth getting out there and checking your flat roofs and gutters now. Prevention is better than cure so checking out any potential issues now will save you money in the long run and a lot of stress.

If you would like your flat roof inspected, simply give us a call on 01934 824005.