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Featuring a window or windows a dormer is normally an extension of the loft or roof space. They often have a flat roof and many are decorated with cladding to the exterior.

Why a Dormer?

A dormer extension can open up the space in your loft to give you more possibilities and options. It’s surprising just how much space and light it can add to a room too. Whether you are looking to have a new dormer extension built, or are improving a current one, we take a look at some important considerations.

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Dormer flat roof replacements

If you have an older dormer that is in need of some repair and refurbishment, it is often more cost effective to replace the roof with a new thermally insulated option.

A thermally insulated flat roof such as EPDM will offer much better temperature regulation as well as reducing your heating bills. It also looks good and is guaranteed to last for many years. As many feature a flat roof as opposed to a pitched one, our dormer flat roof replacement service means you benefit from a roof that is built to stand the test of time.

Our insulation for dormer flat roofs includes a layer of either 25, 50, 75 or 100mm insulation board.

Effective insulation saves money

It’s a common problem that dormer extensions are inadequately insulated. Older dormer extensions, especially the ones with windows on all sides, can quickly lose heat. Dormers built in the past did not use sophisticated products that are available today. A properly insulated dormer will save you money in heating bills.

An eco-friendly solution

The type of roof you have, the windows and the insulation of your dormer extension are all important factors in how much heat you will lose. When your dormer extension is properly insulated not only are you saving money but also helping to save the planet.

Creating the right appearance

Some dormers, if not properly designed and executed, will look odd sticking out from your property. That’s why they are often clad on the outside – to ensure that they are aesthetically pleasing as well as practical and functional.

Cladding comes in a choice of colours so if you want something in keeping with surrounding properties there are plenty of options. Likewise, if you want to stand out, there are opportunities to do so with the coloured cladding that you choose.

In addition to the aesthetic benefits, cladding also offers additional insulation making it a preferred choice of exterior décor for many. We are getting many enquiries for dormer cladding currently, primarily because it is the best choice for a dormer extension.

And that’s not all…

At Thermal Roof, not only do we offer all of the above but, we can also arrange safety access scaffold, skip and asbestos removal services. Talk to us about what you are looking for when you get in touch.

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