Why a new conservatory roof could transform your home and give you more room!

These are strange times that we find ourselves living in and many of us are spending much, if not all, of our time at home. This sees our attention turning to the house and what we can do to make it a place we are happy to spend time and where we can maximise all of the space around us.

Warmer Weather is Upon Us

Now that we are enjoying the warmer weather, many of us want to spend more time in the conservatory. A conservatory is a great addition to the home as it offers extra space and, for those that are spending time at home with their families working and schooling, currently we need all the space and different areas that we can get to avoid being on top of one another.

The Trouble with the Conservatory

The problem with a conservatory is that it can either be a very cold place or a very hot one. Finding a happy medium, especially when the temperatures are extreme, can be a struggle. 

Traditional Conservatory Roof Materials 

Many conservatories have a glass or polycarbonate roof which aren’t good at regulating temperatures. Not to mention the issues of keeping this type of roof clean. It usually requires a specialist window cleaner to reach the places that you can’t and needs regular cleaning so that you don’t look up and see debris, algae and the general dirt that you will find outside. This type of conservatory roof can also make the room feel like a greenhouse – perfect for growing your plants but not so good for sitting and enjoying some relaxation time. 

Another Conservatory Roof Alternative 

There is an alternative that will ensure you can make good use of your conservatory whether in the middle of winter or the height of summer. This is a flat roof solution. A flat roof you say? Yes – a thermally insulated flat roof from Thermal Roof offers a regulated temperature all year round and is a much more robust, less hassle roofing option. 

What About the light?

You may think that you will lose light with a flat, solid roof and you would, however we have a solution for that in the form of domed roof lights. These wonderful inventions mean that you can enjoy all the natural light you need coming through the conservatory roof. No need to worry if you have a large conservatory, you can actually have two installed. 

The finished conservatory roof

Want to discuss your options? 

We are happy to discuss your conservatory requirements with you. Our team of experts are on hand to answers your questions and we are proud to be Checkatrade members, Trading Standards approved and members of Which Trusted Traders. 

While we are in the middle of a pandemic, our staff understand the need for social distancing and we can do all of the work without entering your property. We can deal with your initial enquiry over the phone and if we come for a survey, we will maintain a safe distance outside of the property. Our team are equipped with hand sanitiser and follow strict hygiene guidelines. 

If you want to ask some questions or find out more, just give us a call on 01934 824005 to discuss your new conservatory roof.