If most of you haven’t already started looking for things to do around the house, with a bank holiday weekend coming up, it is only going to be a matter of time. We take a look at the many things you can do outside and inside the house, and in the garden, while on lockdown and provide you with a spring checklist. Why not get the whole family involved in these projects (only the ones that are safe of course)?

Check the guttering

Definitely not a job for everyone so be careful! If you are going to go up on the ladder to check the guttering, make sure someone from your household is holding it. Have a look and check for obvious build up of moss and leaves or other debris and give them a good clean out. This is the ideal time of year to be doing it.

Jet wash the patio 

We may be too late… this is probably one many of you have already ticked off of your spring checklist. There are so many outside areas that get grimy over the course of a year. Jet wash the drive, the patio, the pathways and any other surfaces that would benefit from a good clean.

Clean the decking and repaint it

The decking often needs some attention after the winter to remove the build up of algae and make it look fresh. Give it a good clean and perhaps re-stain? There are local garden centres that are doing deliveries if you need to get the products.

Paint the garden fences

Another job that is often completed in the spring is the painting of fences. This once you can get the kids involved with if you are brave enough. Perhaps give them a panel of their own and be sure to save the jet washing for after!

Weed the gardens

Are your gardens a little overrun with weeds after the winter? Weed the flower beds and the driveways and the patios cracks. If you have the materials, you can even repoint the patio to prevent any more growing.

Clean up the garden furniture

With nice weather forecast, the garden is somewhere that you can enjoy being outside together without worrying about how long you are out there or who is going to see you. You may even be tempted to get the BBQ out for the sausages you have in the freezer.

Plant your spring plants 

Google the types of plants that are suitable for this time of year and order your bedding plants from the local garden centre. They may even have hanging baskets ready made to be delivered or you can spend some time making your own.


Grow your own vegetables 

Designate a bit of your garden for growing your own vegetable and fruit. This is a lovely project for the whole family and you can watch them grow over the next few weeks/months.

Prune the trees, hedges etc

Its the ideal time to cut back the trees and hedges. If you are going to use a chain saw we urge caution. This is not the time for accidents! Al so be mindful of local waste collections and how often your garden waste will be collected.

Clean the windows 

While the upstairs windows may be out of reach, you can certainly clean the downstairs windows. Perhaps older kids can earn some pocket money for doing it. It’s good to be teaching them life skills right?

Wash the car

No-one is going to want to travel to get their car wash so while it is on the drive feeling neglected, give it a clean. Again, this is another way for the kids to earn some pocket money.

Give the inside a lick of paint

Fed up of that colour that you used to really like? Why not give it a lick of paint. See what you have in the garage or the shed that you can use. Start by white washing it, especially if it is a darker colour. If you struggle to get paint, you can just leave it white or mix up a couple of tins you have lying around. 


Finish those odd jobs

There are bound to be some odd jobs that you never got round to finishing and there really is no excuse at the moment. Make a list of those unfinished jobs.

Clean or gloss the skirting 

A fresh lick of paint will make all the difference. If you don’t want to use oil based paint, you can always Eggshell or Satinwood to keep the smell down – especially while you are all in the house. 

Repaint the doors

While you you have the sandpaper and gloss out, why not set yourself a project to sand down the interior doors and give them a fresh coat of paint. This can really brighten up a room.

Wash the curtains

The weather is nice and while the sun is high why not clean the curtains (if they don’t require dry cleaning). While you have them down, clean on top of the curtain poles as well. Wash them first thing in the morning and hang them again in the evening.

Clean the blinds

There are lots of online suggestions for cleaning blinds but why not try some natural remedies? with ingredients you probably already have in the cupboards

Sort out the cupboards and drawers

This is great family exercise. Sort through the family photos, old school memories and other special things that you have kept and entertain everyone for an hour or so.

Clean out the garage or shed 

Beware of creating too much rubbish though as you may not have anywhere to take it. You can certainly start re-organising things and creating a “take to the tip” pile.

Get the sewing machine out 

What about old bedding or curtains that can be turned into cushions as you teach the kids to sew or turn old cushion covers or clothes into scrunchies? Sewing with kids is another chance to teach them a new life skill.

Give the roof the once over

This is something that should be done with caution. While the weather is dry, it is a good time to carry out a quick visual inspection of your roof to ensure that everything looks in order. If you do spot anything of concern, we are happy to offer our advice over the phone 01934 824005.

The most important thing is to follow the government advice – Stay safe, Protect the NHS and Save Lives. Make the most of the time at home to get those things that require time and focus done and keep everyone occupied with their own jobs. At the end of all of this, your homes and gardens will be in tip top condition.