Autumn is a beautiful time of year, but it can also be a busy one. As well as getting back into back-to-school and work routines, the days get shorter and the weather gets colder. It’s a time when you need to prepare your home for the autumn/winter season too! Here is our Autumn home checklist of 10 things to do before the leaves fall:

Clean your gutters 

Gutters that are clogged with leaves and debris can overflow and cause water damage to your home. Take some time to clean them out before the leaves start to fall. Leaves upon already mulched leaves are only going to make a mess of your gutters and if there are any vulnerabilities, this is likely to make them worse. As well as cleaning them, give them a quick inspection for leaks/cracks/damage etc. If you do have damage, get them repaired or consider having them replaced, with new, more modern guttering, 

Inspect your flat roof 

Look for any damage, such as loose felt, pooling water, cracks or splits etc. If you see any problems, call the experts. If you have an old flat roof, it is a good time to consider a replacement that will not only save you damage to your home but also save you money on your heating bills as a new, improved flat roof will provide better insulation too. 

Prune your trees

Dead or dying branches can fall and damage your home or property. Have a professional tree surgeon trim your trees to remove any hazardous branches. This will also reduce your leaf problems as there will be less to fall. 

Check your caulking and weatherstripping

Make sure there are no cracks or gaps around windows and doors that could let in cold air and let out your expensive warm air! This will also help to prevent potential dampness or leaks. 

Ensure good ventilation

Make sure your home is well-ventilated. Air vents on windows, opening the windows regularly, and ensuring good airflow through the home will prevent mould and mildew from growing on the windows and walls through the winter. 

Inspect your fireplace

Make sure the chimney is clean and free of creosote buildup. Have a professional chimney sweep inspect it if you are unsure. They will also check for any old bird nests or other debris that may be lodged in your chimney. 

Winterproof your outdoor faucets

This will prevent them from freezing and bursting when the icy cold temperatures set in. 

Bring outdoor furniture and plants indoors

This will protect them from the cold weather. Leaving your furniture outdoors will lead to rust, mould, mildew, and rot. Protect it from the elements by keeping it in the garage or shed until the spring returns. Ensure your favourite plants aren’t subjected to the harsh frosts of winter by finding them a new home either in the greenhouse or conservatory. 

Prepare for a power cut

OK, so we don’t get that many but when we do, it’s a real pain and you never know when a storm, or human error, is going to cause a power outage. Make sure your torches have batteries, your candles are close by and you have everything you need to hand just in case. 

Buy in those treats

Hot chocolate by the fire, your favourite Netflix films, new pillows, a thicker duvet. Now is the time to start thinking about fluffy socks and comfy bedclothes. While we may be saying goodbye to summer (all be it a rather wet one this year), there are plenty of seasonal things to look forward to. 

By following this checklist, you can help ensure that your home is safe and secure for the autumn and winter months.