It is fair to say that we have seen our fair share of wind recently here across Somerset. For many of us we have laid there listening to it at night, wondering what wind damage we will wake up to in the morning. From fences to wind damage to flat roofs, it can cause much destruction. Often though, unless we can visibly see that the wind has lifted a tile or blown something off the roof, we don’t tend to pay it much attention. Unfortunately, a lot of the time the roof is one of those ‘out of sight, out of mind’ things that we only react to once it is too late.

Wind damage to flat roofs like garages

Garage roofs are quite vulnerable to the winds, especially those old felt or polycarbonate roofs that haven’t been replaced or repaired for some time. The wind can get under the roof material causing damage, driving water in and can create all sorts of issues. The rainwater can pool and pond on top of a roof sitting there quite happily unto the wind blows the water. Wind damage to flat roofs can cause extensive damage.

Felt and chipping damage

If you have a felt roof overlaid with chipping, the wind can move the chippings into one area causing weight which can put pressure on certain spots and cause damage. The loose chippings can also get thrown around causing other damage. It is worth having regular inspections. Often with the garage not attached to the property, it can get overlooked.

Other weather extremes risks to flat roofs

Not only is wind damage to flat roofs a consideration but you also need to have regular roof inspections after other extremes of weather. Ice for example can cause bitumen to crack and with cold weather almost certainly on its way, it won’t be long before we are seeing ice and possibly even snow. Once felt or bitumen has cracked, it is only a matter of time before the water finds its way in and tracks its way through the interior of your house, garage, extension or conservatory.

If you are concerned about your garage roof and the possibility of wind damage to your flat roof then get in touch on 01934 824005.