Maybe an external, visual property inspection is one of those things that you keep putting off. “I’ll do it at the weekend” or “I’ll do it when I’m next off work”. Well, procrastinate no more because if you, like many others, are furloughed or even working but looking for ways to fill your weekend then visually inspecting your roof, gutters, conservatory roof and general property is a great place to start. 

Time to Carry Out a Visual Property Inspection

Just because it has been dry, doesn’t mean that you won’t get any issues. The weather has been very interchangeable lately. No surprises really but when it is dry for a long period and then it rains for a couple of days, the damage can really start to show. At Thermal Roof, our busiest time is often after a prolonged dry period followed by a short burst of rain. Once the rain comes, we start to see evidence of leaks etc. but we can avoid this by carrying out a visual property inspection for any obvious issues. 

Guttering and downpipes

Is your guttering and the downpipes in good order? Perhaps now is the time to get out the ladder and check that there are no blockages or obvious signs of damage. Maybe you could run some water through them and see if there are any obvious leaks? If you spot a problem, you can call us and we would be happy to come and survey the property, exercising proper social distancing. 

Flat Roof Inspection

How is your flat roof looking? If you have an old felt roof, is the felt lifting up, cracked or damaged? Is there water pooling on the surface? are there any uneven joins that water could find its way into? Felt is designed to last for just a few years and it is susceptible to damage with strong winds, rain and other bad weather conditions. Prolonged spells of hot weather can also lead to problems. 

Conservatory Roofs 

How does your conservatory roof look? Is it starting to look worn and untidy? Does the noise of the rain hammering on it drive you mad or is the room too hot one minute and too cold the next? Would it benefit from an overhaul? Maybe you could consider replacing a Perspex or other pitched roof for a flat thermally insulated alternative. Make the room somewhere that you enjoy spending time, especially with us spending so much of our time at home at the moment. You will be surprised at how much difference swapping out your old pitched roof for a thermally insulated, flat roof solution can make.  

While you can visually inspect your roof yourself, we do recommend being very careful, especially when climbing up ladders etc. If you think that you may have an issue, we are happy to come out and take a look. Just call us on 01934 824005. Our team are exercising safe social distancing roles and we can discuss the issues over the phone so you don’t need to come to the door. In fact, we can carry out any inspections and work completely contactless.