If you live in Bristol, Somerset or the surrounding areas and have a conservatory then we could be in a position to help you. For those of you that like to make use of the conservatory for relaxing, entertaining or dining, that find it too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter, a solution is on hand with a Thermal Roof conservatory flat roof.

Try a Thermal Roof conservatory flat roof solution

In order to regulate the temperature of your South West conservatory, you need a Thermal Roof conservatory flat roof solution. Not only does it provide a room that you can use all year round, but it is also built to stand the test of time and comes with a 25-year guarantee.

Making the most of your South West conservatory

A conservatory is usually added to a property to extend the house and to give you an additional room to enjoy. It may be that you like to have a view of the garden while the weather is less than ideal. If you have gone to the trouble of having a conservatory built, you want to get value for your money. Of course, one of your questions may be “how will we get enough light?” With our flat roofing solutions, we can build a domed light into the roof which fills the room with natural light. In addition to the light from the windows, you will not notice any difference.

Benefits of a new Thermal Roof conservatory flat roof

In addition to regulating the temperature, you will also notice other benefits. This includes a reduction in noise. If you have a uPVC conservatory roof currently you probably notice a high volume of noise when it’s raining. In England, that isn’t an unusual sound. It is also much easier to clean a flat roof and because you are removing the plastic, you won’t see dirt on the roof as you may do currently.

For more details on a replacement conservatory roof for your home, get in touch on 01934 824005.


North Somerset conservatory roof before

Before the roof conversion

The finished conservatory roof