There are plenty of summer jobs around the home that need doing and this is definitely the year to do them as we stay at home rather than going abroad.

While some people take the plunge and risk a holiday abroad or settle for a staycation in this country, many of us have decided to forgo the summer holiday for yet another year. What this means is the budget we would normally save for a holiday is either staying in our savings account or can be put to good use as we look at doing those summer jobs around the home. We may not be going away anywhere, but we still have annual leave to use.

Much as many of us are probably groaning at the thought of doing jobs around the home in place of our usual summer holiday, there are many positives to having this extra time to get stuff done. Besides, when travel opens up again properly, it will be us that are jetting off while our houses are spick and span. Let’s take a look at some of those summer jobs around the home that might at least give us some other form of satisfaction.

Replacing the Conservatory or Garage Roof

Maybe you are fed up of your conservatory being too hot in summer or too cold in winter or you feel that the garage could be put to better a use. It’s a great time to get a conservatory roof or garage roof replacement. Before you do start converting the garage though, it may be time to tackle the junk that is piling up out there.

conservatory roof

Emptying Out the Garage

Hands up if your garage has become a dumping ground for everything that you have removed from the house. There are probably things in there that have been there since you moved in many years ago. It’s scary how much stuff we accumulate that we can’t bring ourselves to throw out. Well, the bad news is, you can’t do much until you have emptied it. The good news is – now is the time.

summer jobs around the home

Clear up the Garden

There are probably many jobs that you could do in the garden – some may be small and fairly easy to do while others may take a bit more time and planning. What better time than now?

  • Fixing or replacing fence panels
  • Repairing the garden gate
  • Digging new borders and flower beds
  • Planting new shrubs, trees, bushes, plants
  • Getting rid of garden rubbish that has been piling up
  • Cutting back trees and bushes
  • Cleaning the decking, patio etc

Inspect the Guttering

Get up on a ladder and check the guttering and downpipes – make sure that the water has a clear path through and that there is no debris blocking them. Also make sure that the gutters are pointing slightly downwards so that the water can flow away. It is also important to ensure there are no loose brackets or splits where the water can escape. Any issues with your gutters mean that the roof and walls of your house are not properly protected.

Cladding / Render

Whether you have decorative cladding, render or another type of exterior finish, it is important to ensure that it is clean, in good order and ready to face the elements, especially for a British winter. Perhaps you want to switch to a decorative PVC cladding to bring new life and more kerb appeal to your home. When it comes to render, professional soft washing or redecoration can bring new life to your property.

Somerset cladding

Replacing Fascias

You may have this done at the same time as the gutters or you may feel that your current fascias are looking a little tired. Cleaning up the outside of your property could involve replacing the fascias. If you are pre-disposed to a bit of DIY, you might consider doing this yourself but it may be better to leave this to the professionals as you consider other summer jobs around the home.

General Summer Jobs Around the Home

Decorating or replacing the front door, repairing or replacing outside lights, cleaning off the porch and generally giving the outside of your home a bit of a makeover will ensure that your home looks neat and tidy as we head into autumn. There are plenty of summer jobs around the home that we can tick off the list, even if we are brooding about the lack of a summer holiday.

If you would like information about replacing your garage or conservatory roof, new gutters and fascias or exterior cladding, we can help with all of these. Simply give us a call on 01934 824005.