When will it ever stop raining?

We wish we knew! It’s a sorry state of affairs for a nation that have had their summer holidays cancelled and have been forced to opt for a staycation. 

While we sit here hoping that the imminent forecast is wrong and that the sun will suddenly make a welcome return, we’re about to start talking about leaking roofs… sorry!

Hot Weather and Rain Lead to Cracked, Leaking Roofs

With so much rain, and after a bout of hot weather, it’s not uncommon to receive an increase in calls for remedial works to roofs. The hot weather has forced the roof material to crack, the rain then comes and finds its way in to your property. While you may think that you can just have it repaired (and this is one solution), it’s only a matter of time before it weakens and becomes damaged in another area. It’s like putting a plaster on a cut that needs stitches. It’s just not going to be any good in the long term. 

So What Can You Do?

Well, the most reliable and long term solution is to opt for a flat roof material that will stand the test of time and that is impervious to our Great British weather. EPDM is a rubber flat roof solution that doesn’t crack and tear. In fact, we’re so confident in the product that it comes with a 25 year guarantee. That’s a lot of peace of mind! 

What is the EPDM Rubber Flat Roof Solution Suitable For?

There are a whole list of circumstances and situations where an EPDM rubber flat roof solution is ideal:

  • Changing your conservatory roof to a rubber flat roof alternative allows you to regulate the temperature of the room year round. Not to mention stopping that annoying noise of the rain hitting the roof
  • Garage flat roofs – regulating the temperature and protecting the contents of your garage from damp and rain 
  • Extensions – we offer roof lighting solutions to open up the space and ensure that you benefit from plenty of natural light 
  • The product is ideal for any form of flat roof whether it be your main property or an outbuilding. 

What is the Next Step?

If you are interested in discussing your flat roof requirements, contact the team at Thermal Roof on 01934 824005. We can advise you over the phone in the first instance and arrange a socially distanced visit to inspect the roof should you wish.