The Great British weather… we could talk about it all day long. One minute we are questioning whether it will ever stop raining and then we are counting the letters of the alphabet as we battle through Storm Ciara, Storm Dennis, Storm Ellen and whatever comes next! 

How can the wind affect your flat roof?

So, how can the wind affect your flat roof?  What can you to do to protect it and how do you protect your house against adverse weather conditions? Perhaps now is the time to consider replacing a flat roof.

Coastal areas are more exposed

Wind can approach a building from any direction with location and exposure of a building having an impact on wind uplift. Here in the south west, for example, we are particularly exposed to the coast and the harsh winds that come off the channel. It’s not so bad in more suburban built up areas where tall buildings can offer some protection but in smaller towns like Clevedon, Weston super Mare and Burnham on Sea, the buildings are particularly prone to the damage that winds can cause. 

Wind can damage weaker areas of a flat roof

When wind hits the edge zone of a roof, the corners and perimeters need to have greater resistance to the wind. If not air could get in underneath the roof covering, causing significant damage to your flat roof. Older and less robust materials such as felt are vulnerable to this type of wind damage and can become permeable, allowing the rain to get in. 

Rain and the damage it can cause 

Commonly known and perceived as a flat roof, it is actually ever so slightly pitched so rain can to drain away. Over time, poorer quality roofs can weaken. Once water is able to penetrate the roofing membrane, it will soak any decking and insulation.

Rain can also pool in any sagging flat roofing membrane, adding undue weight to your roof’s structure until the membrane is unable to cope with the load, and splits.

The trouble is it is difficult, if not impossible to notice any significant leaks until the damage has been done. Once the water finds it’s way in, it is too late! 

What do you need to do? 

When was the last time you had your flat roof checked? Maybe you haven’t since it was constructed. Perhaps it’s a garage and you rarely use it or maybe you just assumed you’d notice if there was a problem. What many people don’t realise is that your flat roof needs regular inspections for signs of rainwater pooling, the roof membrane sagging, moss, algae or leaking in the ceiling. It is a good idea to call in Thermal Roof, your local flat roofing company, to make sure that your roof is in good condition or whether it could do with an upgrade.

Replacing a flat roof could save you money 

There are so many benefits to having a good quality rubber roofing membrane flat roof system such as EPDM.  Not only will it stand the test of time and offer a 25-year guarantee, it will also offer better insulation. This will reduced your heating bills. It is maintenance free and constructed to withstand extreme weather conditions – wind, rain, ice and sun. It’s also going to ensure you won’t fall victim to any nasty damage from leaks. 

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