It’s time to prepare your home for winter

It’s that time of year. The leaves are falling and there is a definite chill in the air. While you start getting out your winter woollies and preparing for the cold weather don’t forget to make sure your North Somerset home is ready for winter, starting with your roof.

Check the roof for debris

While we don’t recommend that you get up on the roof to check, it is important to make sure it is inspected. Any debris needs to be removed to stop it getting wet, leading to rot and mold. This will lead to damage to your roof over time.

Inspect your North Somerset roof

Once the roof is cleaned, you can then check the state of the roof tiles, shingles or, if you have a flat roof at your North Somerset property, you can check for any apparent damage. Pay particular attention to the flashing around areas like the chimney or vent stacks and skylights.


As autumn leaves start to fall, the gutters of your property can become blocked with leaves and other debris. When this happens, the gutters can get overloaded and the down pipes can become clogged meaning that there is no escape for the water. This can cause damage to the roof and the trims. Before winter sets in arrange to have your North Somerset gutters cleared out and cleaned.

Loft insulation and ventilation

The sun can cause just as much of a problem in your roof space as the winter rain and ice. During the day, your loft space gets heated by the sun. When the sun goes in however the heat turns to condensation and can cause damage to your roof supports. Of course, when the winter sets in, the wind, rain and ice will cause further damage if your roof is not properly sealed. Adequate loft and roof insulation will not only prevent damage to your property, it will also cut down on your heating bills.

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