Across the UK flat roofs are popular for many reasons. They are especially popular for garages and one storey extensions, but many homes across North Somerset and surrounds have a flat roof as opposed to a pitch roof. Just like pitch roofs, over time, a flat roof can sustain damage from the weather, wear and tear and other factors which can lead to water getting in causing leaks and damage inside the property. We take a look at some of the possible causes of damage to your North Somerset flat roof:


Water running into the gutters can cause damage to the edge of the roof. While the water itself may not be the issue it can bring with it debris which can cause blockages and build ups which, over time, will lead to damage to the edge of the roof.


When a flat roofing system is installed, chippings are laid over the top of the felt to hold moisture and keep the roof cool from the harsh summer temperatures and direct sunlight. These chippings can be washed into the gutters and cause damage to the edge of the roof.

Overlapping joints

When a flat roof is laid, often it will have joints where the materials overlap. During periods of wind and rain the joints can lift and water can get in.

Cracks to the edge of the felt

Where felt is laid up and over the edge of the roof, the inside portion that is bent over the edge can crack. These cracks can let in water which will cause rot to the timber and the fascias.

Lead flashings

The lead flashings used around the edge of the building can come away from the wall which gives the water another access point.

Cracked tiles

Where a pitch roof joins a flat roof, the last row of tiles along the eaves can crack or deteriorate letting in water which can cause damage to the felt. A tray can be inserted underneath the last row of tiles to prevent further water getting in.

Cracks to fibre glass

Fibre glass roofs can become stressed by strong wind speeds. The movement and stress can lead to cracks in the fibre glass.

We can repair your North Somerset flat roof

Of course, with many of these issues, often the first sign of damage will be water leaking into the property through the ceiling. To avoid potential damage, we recommend regular flat roof inspections so that early problems can be detected and repaired. To book your North Somerset flat roof inspection with us, simply call us on 01934 823780 and we will be happy to help.