Year round, your North Somerset chimney can take a battering from the elements. Across Portishead, Clevedon and Nailsea, we are often called upon to fix a chimney stack, repoint it or even build a brand new one.

Your North Somerset chimney is exposed to the elements

While the brickwork of your house is protected by the roofs and the eaves, the chimney is probably the most exposed part of your house. It is exposed the heat, rain, wind and the freezing cold conditions of winter.

Coastal towns like Portishead and Clevedon are more exposed

Being in a coastal town like Portishead and Clevedon can leave your chimney even more exposed. Eventually you may start to encounter problems like leaking, cracking and a generally unsafe chimney.

Better to be safe

Even if you think your North Somerset chimney looks fine, it is worth getting it checked. Either consider a chimney stack survey or a whole roof inspection which includes the chimney. This will highlight a number of things:

  • Problems that are likely to occur with the chimney
  • Improvements that can be made to the insulation of your property
  • Any urgent issues that need attending to
  • Any potential or urgent issues with your roof

It may be that you don’t have any immediate or potential problems but the peace of mind will be worth it to know that your Portishead, Clevedon or Nailsea roof and chimney are protected for the next year or so at least.

Call in the experts

It is worth the time to call a professional and reliable company that will be able to provide you with a free survey and inspection. At Thermal Roof, we will come and carry out this service without obligation or charge. If we find nothing wrong then at least you will know that Santa can fit down the chimney this year without the risk of injury!