Keynsham flat roof solutions may not be on your mind as we experience the warmer temperatures of August but it may surprise you to know that problems can occur all year round. While the winter temperatures can cause felt to crack and tear, the warm temperatures of the summer months can have the same impact. The roof is exposed to the extremes of the weather. This includes the hottest temperatures and the brunt of the wind and rain.

Have your Keynsham flat roof inspected

As recent weather has shown, it can be wildly unpredictable in this country. one minute we are basking in 30-degree heat, the next experiencing downpours. This is when you can really start to have issues with your Keynsham flat roof. The trouble is, often you don’t notice it until it is too late. Usually, the first sign of problems with your roof is a damp patch in the ceiling, or worse, damage where water has started to come through.

Water will find a way into the property

If there is a crack, a tear or any other weakness on your roof, water will find its way in. Then it will continue on its journey with little regard for you or your property. Those small tears become bigger, more water gets in and you can imagine the rest. The best way to ensure that this is not a potential threat to your home is a visual inspection of your flat roof.

Why choose Thermal Roof for Keynsham flat roof solutions?

There are a number of reasons for choosing our team of experienced and approved installers to replace or install your flat roof system:

  • Checkatrade, Which and Trading Standards Approved members
  • Years of experience fitting our flat roofing systems in Keynsham and surrounding areas
  • A commitment to quality care and excellent customer service
  • The best proven flat roofing systems available
  • 25-year guarantee

What makes us different?

In addition to offering a choice of flat roofing systems such as EPDM and Alwitra, we offer a range of other services. This includes Velux flat roof lights and domed flat roof lights, perfect for allowing plenty of light if you choose to have a conservatory flat roof for example. Our team can replace and install Keynsham flat roofs for garages, conservatories and extensions and dormers of many shapes and sizes. At Thermal Roof, we only use products selected for their durability and quality and our installers are highly experienced.

If you would like to discuss Keynsham flat roof solutions, get in touch. Simply call us on 01934 824005 and we will be delighted to help.