Some conservatories can get so hot in the summer months that it can be virtually impossible to spend time in them. What should be an extension of your garden is actually an extra greenhouse. In fact, given the recent hot weather we have been enjoying, you have probably noticed now more than ever how hot it gets. How can you keep the temperature down this summer? We give you a few tips and tricks to help keep your conservatory cool:

Create some air-flow 

In the first instance, you can try creating some airflow to keep your conservatory cool. Open windows and doors and try to get air circulating within the rooms this is only possible when you are at home though. As soon as you go out and lock up, your conservatory starts to generate heat again. 

Try blinds 

While blinds are an option that some people try,  they only really prevent glare from the direct sun. They don’t stop the room from heating up. 

Tinted glass

Some conservatory owners choose to have tinted or blue glass. Again, this can stop the glare somewhat but it won’t do much to reduce the heat generated. You would need to have an expensive type of glass installed to really make much of a difference. 

Air conditioning to keep your conservatory cool 

Some people opt to have an air-con unit fitted. It can be costly and noisy and it’s not the most eco-friendly option either. It will allow you to regulate the temperature of the room though. 

Insulated roofing solutions

By far the best option is to go for a Thermal Flat Roofing conservatory. This is a far superior option to polycarbonate roofs preventing the room from overheating in summer and insulating it in the winter. To ensure that the room still benefits from plenty of natural light, a roof light can be fitted. 

Now the last one we can definitely help with. If you want to convert your conservatory roof to a Thermal Flat Roof solution then talk to us about how we can help. Call us on 01934 824005 or send us a message.