Did you know that EPDM rubber membrane roofing is one of the best materials you can use on a roof in a hot climate. OK, so we hear you… it’s not like it’s hot for more than a few weeks here in the UK, so why is it is so important that you invest in the right hot weather roofing?

While we may be feeling the temperatures of this late 20s – 30s weather, consider how much hotter it gets up on your roof. No shade, and the sun beating down on it all day. Not to mention that even when it may not feel overly hot to us, it can still reach unbearable temperatures up on the roof. EPDM ‘rubber’ roofing, is designed to reflect the light and the heat back into the atmosphere keeping your roof cool.

What Issues Can Hot Weather Cause to Flat Roofs?

High temperatures can cause issues to many of the materials used in flat roofs. Felt, for example, will crack and split when it’s too hot. Fibreglass is another material used in flat roofing that doesn’t suit hot temperatures. Because of this, these roofs don’t have a very long shelf life. While they may be cheaper in the short term, it will only be a few years, before the same problems occur and you end up replacing the roof again. An EPDM rubber membrane however, will expand and shrink with the weather and won’t crack or tear in the process. This means you can have your flat roof done, safe in the knowledge that it will stand the test of time.

EPDM Reflects Heat and Light Off the Roof

As well as being able to withstand the weather, an EPDM roof is able to reflect light and heat off of the roof, ensuring that the space between the membrane and the decking stays cool. This keeps your home cooler. This is why it’s such a popular choice for conservatories, and homes in general. It provides a space that can be used all year round. If you suffer with a conservatory that is too hot in summer and too cold in winter, an EPDM flat roofing solution could be the answer.

Not Just Hot Weather Roofing

If you’re thinking ”but it’s not that hot here”, it’s OK. This material is not just designed for hot weather roofing but cold weather too. In fact, it is brilliant at handling the extremes in temperature and all weather eventualities and won’t crack or wear down. It’s guaranteed to last for 25 years! Another added bonus… it will reduce your energy bills! A huge plus with energy bills rising and set to rise again.

So… if you want an energy efficient, stylish, flat roof that performs in all weathers, it’s well worth enquiring about an EPDM rubber flat roof from Thermal Roof. As local specialists in this particular material, you will be hard pressed to find a better alternative! All you need to do is click here or call us on 01934 824005.