Given that we have seen some of the hottest temperatures ever seen in this country, it’s fair to say the aftermath is now being seen. While the fields look parched and yellow and hosepipe bans are being introduced, it’s wise to consider the impact that the extreme temperatures have had on the home. Paying particular attention to the roof, they have indeed had to cope with the brunt of the sun beating down. In fact, it’s a good idea to carry out a flat roof inspection before summer turns to autumn and the rainy season is upon us.

Why a Flat Roof Inspection is a Good Idea

Older flat roofs, particularly those made of felt or fibre glass, aren’t built to withstand the kind of extreme temperatures that we have seen of late. In some areas of the country, the dial has touched 40 degrees. This is the air temperature and not the surface temperatures. You would only have to remove your shoes or touch the tarmac with your hands to discover just how hot surfaces can get.

In some places, the tarmac on the roads was even melting. Now, imagine the felt and other materials used in flat roof construction and how hot they would have got with 14-15 hours of sun beating down on them. Even if you can’t see visible damage with a quick inspection, that’s not to say that the material beneath the top layer haven’t sustained damage in the heat.

These older materials can expand and contract with the variation in temperatures and with a non-malleable material, this can lead to cracks, splits and tears. Not a problem yet but when the rain comes, you could find yourself with some unexpected leaks.

Flat Roof Materials Designed to Withstand Extreme Temperatures

Unlike EPDM rubber roofing material which is designed to withstand extreme variations in temperature, felt and fibre glass will struggle to cope with the demands of an unseasonably hot summer. Older roofs in particular will be vulnerable which is why we strongly advise an inspection to see if there has been any damage sustained. A quick fix may be OK for a couple of months, but in the long term, a new roof is advised. It will save money in the long term.

Conservatory Roof Replacement

If you have completely avoided the conservatory during the heatwave, you may now be considering an alternative. While you don’t necessarily need a new conservatory, it is worth exploring a replacement flat roof. We have plenty of information on what is involved in a new conservatory flat roof here and would be happy to discuss your options with you. Imagine being able to use it as a comfortable space next time we experience high temperatures!

Don’t Wait for the Rain

If you do have an older flat roof which you are concerned about, or you are thinking that a roof inspection may be a good idea, we would urge you to act now. Don’t wait for the rain to find out if you have a problem with your current flat roof, Call us on 01934 824005 and let us offer you the benefit of our experience. Our flat roof services cover the areas of Weston-super-Mare, North Somerset, Bristol, Bath and Somerset.