For many of us, recent events mean we have found ourselves spending more time at home, and not by choice. As we learn to live and work together, rather than going out to the office each day, it has become even more important to find those quiet spaces and convert areas into a home office, amongst other things. When everyone is trying to work from home, study, take part in online classes and conduct their hobbies, it can get a little demanding and not just on the Wi-Fi.

Families can get on top of one another and there can be little space to escape to. It’s time to look at converting those less hospitable spaces into rooms that are practical and stylish with a flat roofing solution! The good news is that we can help.

Garage Conversions

The garage is often a place that ends up stacked high with junk or everything we have convinced ourselves we need and can’t throw away. It’s an extension of storage for the stuff you don’t want in the house but don’t want to part with. You may even be smiling to yourself as you read this thinking that you could actually turn your garage into a gym or a home office if you just took some time to clear it out. With less opportunity to go and do the things that usually keep us busy, why not get out there and start clearing it out?

Imagine a nice warm space that you can exercise in, or even work in. A place where you can escape the noise of the house. Perhaps it is detached from the main house and accessed at the side of the property or even at the bottom of the garden. As long as it is a garage with a flat roof, we can replace the roof with a thermally insulated, extremely practical solution that is impervious to the elements.

nailsea flat roof

Conservatory Roof

The conservatory is another room that often gets overlooked. It can be too hot in the summer, too cold in the winter and not somewhere you want to spend too much time in. It never seems to be the right temperature and it is probably the least desirable place for anyone to sit and work or study. Other issues come from the humidity and condensation that can occur. Ever noticed a stream off condensation on the windows first thing in the morning? Perhaps you get a lot of mildew and mould appearing in specific areas and find yourself constantly wiping it away. A thermally insulated roof will reduce this and provide a more stable temperature.

For much of the year, the conservatory doesn’t get used as you would like because of these issues. Some roofing materials mean that you can hear every drop of rain as it hits the roof, or the room can be a horribly humid place that isn’t nice to spend time in with damp and mould. You may well just use it in the summer when it is dry, or at certain points of the year when the temperature is just right. Space is critical and those few square foot could improve how you spend your time at home and make it a much more productive room. Perhaps you find that you are always decorating it or looking for solutions to the damp. Having a window open constantly to improve air flow only adds to the issue of the room being cold.

Wouldn’t it be nice if this space was somewhere that actually served more of a purpose? A home office in the conservatory, for example, would only give you one problem – everyone would want to use it so you better call dibs!

conservatory roof

A Home Office, Gym or Man Cave

Whether you want a home office,  a gym, a cosy space for the kids to escape or somewhere that you use as a hobby room, there are many reasons to convert unused rooms in the house. Those garden sheds, the summer house, conservatory or the garage, can be turned into a space where you can escape the main house and maximise the space available.

Gyms are closed, then they are open, then they are closed again. It’s a question that never seems to have a definitive answer – ‘should I cancel my gym membership?’. With another lockdown comes new challenges of having the motivation to exercise, or the means to. A national lockdown means you can only go out once a day but what if you are someone that exercises more regularly? Maybe you cycle and run, or you run and work out. With options limited, the sale of treadmills, spin bikes and other exercise equipment have increased dramatically. The trouble is, where do you put all this equipment?

Perhaps you need somewhere for work. The office is shut or you don’t need to go in so you are required to work at home instead. That’s great but the kids need to study, your other half needs to work and there are only so many rooms where you can get peace and quiet. Add to that a dog that barks every time the door goes (which is more frequently because of increased deliveries). While we can’t stop the dog barking, we can help you escape to the garage!

Start Your Own Business

Now that people are changing the way they work, offices and traditional business premises aren’t serving the purpose they used to. People can start businesses from their garage! Yet another reason why converting that space is so important. Imagine if it could be a space that makes you money. Perhaps you make things and want some storage space or indeed you want a practical space where you can be creative. The investment you make in the space could soon be recovered through your business venture without having the expense of leasing an office, premises or storage facilities.

During lockdown, people have had to find other ways to make money and generate an income. Their hobbies have become more of a full time concern as they find themselves with more time on their hands. Building a business from home can be a challenge and you need to use the available spaces to get creative. Many have gone on to start up small business ventures that have become bigger than they ever imagined. Of course, working and living in the same place could become tedious, so having the option to separate your work and home life while still being at home is certainly something worth considering.

Its Easy to Convert the Space

Warmth and comfort are the priority here – you want to ensure that if you are going to use these spaces that the temperature is regulated and perhaps you have electricity. Whilst we can’t help with the electrics, we can certainly convert your unused space into somewhere that the family will all want to claim as their own (that will be something we will leave you to argue over). All you need to do is replace the current felt or PVC roof with an EPDM thermally insulated alternative. You can even add natural lighting solutions in the roof but we will discuss that more in a minute.

All you need to do is decide what you want to use the space for. Of course, you may decide that as well as new roof, you want to add plasterboard walls, separations, plumbing etc. which will become a bigger project but will obviously provide you with an even more habitable space. Perhaps you want to convert a workshop or home gym and don’t need to go to those lengths. You may be thinking that if you are going to spend the time adding a new roof, you may as well have all the work done.

burnham flat roof

What About Lighting the Space?

Having a solid roof on a conservatory, for example, doesn’t mean that you have to compromise on natural light. In fact, with a garage, you can actually add light to the space where perhaps you can’t add a window. Imagine having a garage with natural light flooding in through the roof. It beats the artificial lights of an office or being in a cold, dark garage.

conservatory as home office

With our roof lights, you can ensure that your room receives plenty of light, all year round. That dark and cold garage becomes a space to work in or to exercise in, the garden shed or summerhouse becomes a great place for the kids to escape to and the conservatory gives you extra space to relax and unwind offering another room within the house.

What Will You Do with the Space?

It may be that you hadn’t even considered the garage as a possible solution to your spacial requirements. Perhaps you weren’t aware that you could convert your conservatory roof? The need for more space may only just be starting to make you look at alternatives. There are so many options for any of these spaces that will provide much needed solutions to your problems:

  • Home gym or workout space for treadmill, cross trainer, spin bike, rowing machine etc.
  • Home office for either you to hide away in or for other family members to use
  • Study space for students that are home schooling
  • Hobby room to get creative – noisy sewing machines and other machinery can be kept away from the house
  • Man cave – stick a wide screen TV, an X-box and a fridge in there and you are all set
  • Girl cave – Why not get yourself a comfy sofa and a large TV and binge watch Netflix?
  • Dining area (conservatory) – make the space somewhere you want to eat as a family at the end of a busy day
  • Relaxation/Reading nooks – perhaps you just need a quiet space to escape to when it all gets too much
  • Start a business – have you been considering starting your own business for a while? Why not take the plunge now?
  • Storage for business products or your expensive cars/motorbikes

Benefits of our Flat Roofing Solutions

Our EPDM roofing is impervious to the British weather extremes and creates a thermally insulated room that you will enjoy spending time in. In fact, there are several benefits to an EPDM flat roof solution whether it’s for a home office or an external workshop:

  • Highly durable… impervious to all weather conditions including extremes of heat and cold
  • Lasts much longer than felt or other flat roof materials
  • It is quicker to lay with less joints than felt alternatives
  • Offers a smart, smooth finish
  • Proven life expectancy of over 50 years
  • 25 year guarantee*
  • Strong enough to walk on
  • Insulation cuts heating bills
  • Increases warmth in winter
  • Reduces overheating in summer
  • Breathable… reducing condensation
  • Maintenance free & moss-resistant
  • Reduces EPC rating & carbon footprint
  • Installed by fully trained technicians

* We offer a 25 year guarantee on all our flat roof membranes. For complete peace of mind we provide an additional 10-year insurance-backed guarantee provided by Quality Assured National Warranties, an industry-leading provider of guarantees to the domestic and commercial market.

As long as the area has a flat roof, we can convert your current roofing solution to one that offers far more benefits for a better quality of life. Our team are able to carry out the work at a distance and don’t need access to your house to work on the roof. We even bring our own tea. All of our team have sanitiser, masks, gloves and are fully compliant in social distancing measures so that you can have peace of mind while we are carrying out work on your home.

We have seen a rise in the number of people wanting to convert the unused spaces in their home since the spring/summer of 2020. It really is incredible to watch how people are putting their unused spaces to good use. We are here, ready to help you achieve the same. All you need to do is call us at Thermal Roof on 01934 824005 and discuss your options. Don’t waste the space for another winter – give us a call today.