For many of us, recent events mean we have found ourselves spending more time at home. As we learn to live and work together, rather than going out to the office each day, it has become even more important to find those quiet spaces and convert areas into a home office, amongst other things. Families can get on top of one another and there can be little space to escape to. It’s time to look at converting those less hospitable spaces!

Garage Conversions

The garage is often a place that ends up stacked high with junk, everything we have convinced ourselves we need and can’t throw away. it’s an extension of storage for he stuff you don’t want in the house but don’t want to part with. You may even be smiling to yourself as you read this thinking that you could actually turn your garage into a gym or a home office.

The conservatory is another room that often gets overlooked. It is too hot in the summer, too cold in the winter and not somewhere you want to spend too much time in.

A Home Office, Gym or Man Cave

Whether you want a home office,  a gym, a cosy space for the kids to escape or somewhere that you use as a hobby room, there are many reasons to convert unused rooms. Those garden sheds, the summer house or the garage, can be turned into a space where you can escape the main house and maximise the space available.

Its Easy to Convert the Space

Warmth and comfort are the priority here – you want to ensure that if you are going to use these spaces that the temperature is regulated and perhaps you have electricity. While we cant help with the electrics, we can certainly convert your unused space into somewhere that the family will all want to claim as their own (that will be something we will leave you to argue over). All you need to do is replace the current felt or PVC roof with an EPDM thermally insulated alternative.

Flat Roofing Solutions

Our EPDM roof ing is impervious to the British weather extremes and offers a thermally insulated space that you will enjoy spending time in. With our roof lights, you can ensure that the space receives plenty of light as well. That dark and cold garage becomes a space to work out in, the garden shed becomes a great space for the kids to escape to and the conservatory gives you extra space to relax and unwind.

There are so many options for any of these spaces:

  • Home gym
  • Home office
  • Study space
  • Hobby room
  • Man cave
  • Girl cave
  • Dining area (conservatory)
  • Relaxing/Reading nooks

All you need to do is call us at Thermal Roof on 01934 824005 and discuss your options. Don’t waste the space for another winter – give us a call today.