We take a look at how a garage flat roof replacement can transform an empty, cold and bleak space into a room you can use all year round.

  • Is your garage a wasted space?
  • Is it piled high with junk?
  • Could it do with a makeover?
  • Is there something else you could use the space for?
  • Would a new room be useful to you?

If you have answered yes to any of these questions then perhaps it is time to consider a garage flat roof replacement.

Older Style Garage Flat Roofs Aren’t Built to Last

The trouble with older style garage flat roofs is that they are often made from materials that become cracked and damaged over time. Felt for example is vulnerable to the extremes in weather and will likely have seen better days while fibre glass is also not very malleable when it comes to extremes in temperature.

The impact of a damaged flat roof is that you tend to avoid using the space, instead turning it into a store room for all of the rubbish that you don’t want in the house. You are not alone – so many people use the garage as a junk room. You may be groaning right now at the thought of emptying and sorting through it but just imagine the space you have?

So Many Uses for Your Garage

A Place to Work

Just think of the things you could do with a room that is watertight, insulated and fit for purpose. You could create an office away from the main comings and going of the house where you can work without interruption. It could be somewhere that you use as a workshop to run a business from home. You could even start a new business with a space to work. Alternatively, it could be a quiet space where the kids can go to study. There are so many possibilities. You can construct internal walls, insulate the space and have an electricity supply connected. If the space is connected to the house, you could look at using it as an additional bedroom.

A Hobby Room

Fancy a home gym, a man cave, a hobby room or a quiet space to enjoy away from it all. The garage could become a sanctuary for one, or all of you, to escape for an hour here and there. While we aren’t in lockdown anymore, there are still times when we want some time and space to ourselves. Having a home gym could save you money in gym memberships and encourage you to get fit. You might want to use the space as a gaming room for the kids to get them out of their bedrooms.

hobby room

Home gym with weight rack, bench, dumbbells, resistance bands in the garage.

Keeping the Car Safe

If you have an expensive car, a motorcycle or just want to keep your car in the garage for insurance purposes, you need a garage that has a regulated temperature and that doesn’t leak! An EPDM rubber flat roofing system will provide a well-insulated and watertight room that means your car or vehicle will be away from the elements and more secure. This can have a positive impact on the cost of motor insurance as your car is less at risk of damage from impact of passing cars, pedestrians or theft.

Time for a Garage Flat Roof Replacement?

With the warmer weather coming, it is an excellent time to get out there and start clearing out the garage with a view to having a new garage flat roof fitted. You will then be able to use the space for whatever you choose giving you an extra room to enjoy.

For details of our garage flat roof replacement service, please give us a call on 01934 824005 and one of our team will be happy to answer any questions you may have. We cover the areas of Weston-super-Mare, North Somerset, Somerset, Bristol and Bath and are happy to travel in many circumstances.