What do you use your garage for? Is it just a space where everything you don’t want in the house ends up or do you use the space for something else? Perhaps you use it to store your beloved car or motorbike or perhaps you would like to turn it into a home gymnasium. Whatever your plans, if you are planning on converting your garage or just making it a more usable space, you may want to consider a new Thermal Roof garage flat roof. 

What are your garage conversion plans? 

If you have plans for your garage and are planning a garage conversion, you will definitely want to consider a new roofing solution. When you have a garage that has a felt roof, the lifespan is often limited. Sure, it will serve you well for a couple of years but the trouble with felt garage flat roofs is that all too soon they start to crack and the felt, when exposed to extreme temperatures, can succumb to wear and tear. The other issue with a felt garage flat roof is that they don’t always provide the proper temperature regulation. 

Choose a thermally insulated garage flat roof 

If you want to use your garage for a home gym, an office or space where you are going to spend a large proportion of your time you don’t want it to be too hot in the summer months and freezing in the winter. A Thermal Roof EPDM garage flat roof will ensure that your garage is properly insulated and that you can have a reasonable temperature all year round. 

A long guarantee

As well as the many benefits that a Thermal garage flat roof will bring to you, we also offer a 25-year guarantee. This means that once you have had the job done, you can relax in the knowledge that it will be a long time before it needs doing again. 

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