Repairing or Building a Watertight Flat Roof

In our experience of fitting and constructing flat roofs, Thermal Roof has discovered older, tradition methods will lead to leaks by ripping or tearing of the protective materials. Water damage will be costly to replace or repair. Thermal Roof only use the most tried-and-tested materials, including Glass-Reinforced-Polyester (GRP), EPDM Rubbers (both standard and reinforced) and an amazing Liquid Applied Membrane that can be applied directly over your old failing felt!

Weston super Mare Roof Repair Flat Roofs Somerset Elastomeric Flexible Flat Roofing

Whilst GRP is hugely strong, and can be excellent for small roof areas, it can become stressed due to expansion and contraction on larger roofs, and in these situations we recommend an elastomeric finish (stretchy) rather than a rigid finish.

You will be reassured to learn that Thermal Roof always lay GRP as one continuous surface in our flat roof repairs or construction therefore no joints or welds for water to leak through, providing the perfect protected flat surface.

  Somerset Areas for Roof Repairs

We offer a wide range of professional roofing services. Thermal Roof cover most of the UK including Bristol, Bath, Berkshire, Herefordshire, The Midlands, Taunton, South Wales, Gloucestershire, Weston-super-Mare, Wiltshire, Worcestershire, Dorset, Somerset, Devon

and all South West regions.