There are many benefits to converting your conservatory roof to a thermally insulated flat roof. Perhaps the biggest benefit is that you can use the conservatory as somewhere to work, a hobby room or an additional reception room all year round. Having an energy efficient, thermally insulated flat roof solution regulates the temperature within the room so that it’s not too hot in the summer or too cold in the window. You can also say goodbye to misty windows and condensation. With a flat roof solution, while you will have the windows around the exterior of the room, you will want to consider additional natural lighting solutions. Let’s discuss the benefits of a flat roof light.

Getting Enough Natural Light

You may be wondering how changing from a traditional pitched conservatory roof to a flat roof will work when it comes to the amount of light that you get in the room. While you will still have the windows around the perimeter of the conservatory, there is another solution which will give you more natural light. This comes in the form of a flat roof light.

As well as looking sleek, sophisticated and giving a whole new lease of life to your conservatory or extension, there are several benefits:

Improve Natural Ventilation

When you have a traditional pitched roof, you can open the conservatory door but you may not want to leave it open for safety and security reasons. Leaving the conservatory door opens is an invitation to the neighbourhood cat, or it may be that you have dogs or pets that you don’t want wondering in or out. This means that much of the time the room remains locked without ventilation leading to issues with condensation and just a lack of air. With a flat roof light, you can choose to have an opening window so that you can improve ventilation and create a constant flow of air.

Control Interior Temperatures

While the flat roof will take care of this, you can actually open the roof light to let air in and provide further temperature regulation.

Excellent Safety and Security

Flat roof windows are secure and mean that you don’t need to worry about security from opening conservatory windows which are more accessible.

Design and Aesthetics

Along with a flat roof in place of the Perspex pitched roof, you will get a much better aesthetic finish. The exterior of the conservatory will look better improving the appearance of your garden and outside of your property while the inside will look sleek and modern.


Improved Lighting

Looking for more light in your conservatory? While you do get a lot of light with a pitched conservatory Perspex roof, you also get a lot of glare from the sun. When the sun is beating down in the height of summer, or even on autumn sunny days, that glare intensifies. This can cause bleaching to the fixtures and furnishings inside the conservatory. A rooflight allows you a lot of light without the effects of the glare or metal objects inside the room getting so hot you can’t touch.

Interesting fact – Did you know that the top of your conservatory can reach temperatures of 70 degrees on the hottest days. That is the same temperature as the hottest desert on earth.

Noise Reduction

Due to the fact that the rooflights have a triple skin, you can’t hear the rain like you can when it hammers down on a normal conservatory roof. In fact, one of the main reasons that people switch to a thermal insulated flat roof is because the conservatory can get extremely noisy when it rains which, in this country, is quite a lot.

Enquire About a Flat Roof Light Solution

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