It’s safe to say winter is here. The last of the leaves are falling and the car is flashing up an ice warning. You are probably considering gloves and scarves and the house never seems to be the right temperature. How many of you keep reaching for the thermostat to turn it up only to turn it down again?

Having a properly insulated home will help this but what sort of insulation should you be thinking about and what other things can you do besides ensuring you have the right flat roof insulation?

Start at the top with good flat roof insulation.

If we start at the top down, we can look at the roof. now as you know, heat rises. That’s why we wear a hat – to keep the heat from escaping out of the top of our heads and that is exactly what you should do with your property. If you have a flat roof in a specific room or area of your property,  then a properly insulated EPDM thermally insulated roof is the ideal solution. You can regulate the temperature keeping it more even all year round. this means the room won’t get too hot in summer or too cold in winter.

Insulating the Roof Space

Some properties don’t have adequate loft insulation and therefore, lose a lot of heat through the roof space. Loft insulation should be of sufficient thickness to ensure that space is properly insulated.

Cavity Wall Insulation

Recently there has been a big increase in the number of houses being insulated with some grants available where the work has been carried out at no cost to the homeowner. Having the property cavity walls insulated is a great way to conserve heat and regulate the temperature of the property. It is worth seeing if there are any such schemes available in your area or researching how much it would cost to have your walls insualted.

Check Your Windows and Doors

A great deal of heat can escape out of the windows and doors of a property. it may be that you have old windows that need replacing, or that the seals need fixing on your doors. It may be that a thicker pair of curtains or a doorstop will do the trick.

Keep Doors and Windows Closed

Seems an obvious one but kids especially are great at leaving the room and the door open. Simple things like closing connecting doors can make a difference to the heat and insulation of a room.

Air Vents and Extractor Fans

The air vents on windows can also cause a cold breeze to enter the property. These should only be closed if it is particularly windy though as they do also allow humidity to escape stopping mould and mildew from growing around the windows. Extractor fans are also another area where heat can escape and cold air can enter the property so make sure these are installed correctly.

While we can’t help with all of the above, we can certainly help with your flat roof insulation so if you would like some help, advice or a quote then please give us a call on 01934 824005 or contact us here.