Dare we say it but spring is almost here. OK so we may have a cold snap to contend with first but the trees are starting to bud and the daffodils are definitely making an appearance. It is at this time of year that our attentions turn to spring cleaning. For many of us that involves, inside and out, the car and even our wardrobes. Let’s take a look at the exterior of the house and your essential spring check list.

Check the gutters, fascias and soffits

 Over the winter months the gutters in particular can get clogged up with autumn leaves and other debris. The moss has grown, the leaves have turned to a sludge and the gutters are in need of a thorough spring clean. It is also this time of year when we notice the fascias and soffits are looking a bit sorry. This will either require a good clean or new uPVC gutter, fascias and soffits. If you are cleaning and notice any cracks, holes or damage then it is best to call in the experts for replacements.

Have your roof inspected

Spring is a popular time of year to have your roof inspected. Once the early morning frosts have subsided and the cold temperatures have risen, the roof can be properly assessed. While a visual inspection will flag any obvious damage, it is not so obvious to see if you have any holes or cracks that are letting in water. Spring is the perfect time to call in the experts and have your roof inspected.

Tidy the garden

 With drier and warmer weather, it won’t be long before the buds are starting to shoot and the grass is starting to grow. It will soon be time to get out the lawn mower. It’s always so satisfying to see the garden after that first spring cut when everything is starting to blossom and bloom.

Clean the windows

Many of you will have the windows cleaned on a regular basis but spring is a great time to have them cleaned inside and out and to power wash the outside ledges.

Paint the fences

The green algae that develops over the winter can be unsightly so it’s always nice to get a fresh coat of paint on the fences and gates around the property. It is also time to replace any loose fence panels or posts.

Power wash the patio and decking

There’s something so satisfying about power washing the patio stones and making them look like new. If you don’t fancy doing it yourself you can always hire in a professional to give everything a good clean.

Sort out the shed/garage

Many of you will groan but in the winter months, things tend to get chucked in the shed or garage where they are out of sight and can be dealt with in the winter months. If you are going to be accessing the mower or the kids bikes it’s time to have a good clear out.

Prune the trees and hedges

Spring is the ideal time to prune the trees, hedges and bushes in your garden. Get out your pruning shears and secateurs and start pruning your garden.

Hanging baskets and bedding plants

After the dreary winter, life always looks better in colour. Time to plant out the spring flowers and bring your garden back to life.

Sit back and relax

Ok so by the time that you have finished all of this hopefully the weather will have improved and we will start to see some sunny April days. A great time to get outside and start appreciating all of your hard work.