When it comes to having a new flat roof, there are many things to consider. Primarily, you should be thinking about the material that you should choose. If you are currently undecided or confused about your options then there are a few key differences between an EPDM roofing system and a Fibreglass GRP flat roof solution.  Here are just a few reasons why homeowners across Weston-super-Mare, Clevedon. Nailsea and the surrounding Somerset areas should consider an EPDM system over a flat roof solution such as fibreglass.

Quality of flat roof installation

Only EPDM trained installers can install this type of flat roof solution whereas anyone can get hold of fibreglass roofing from sites like eBay and install it. Choosing an inexperienced installer is likely to end up with a roof that is prone to cracks and leaks. While there are training courses available, not everyone has attended them. With an EPDM solution from Thermal Roof, you know that your roof is being installed by trained and experienced professionals that are Checkatrade Approved, Trading Standards Approved and Which Trusted Traders.flat roof installers

Quality of materials

The EPDM flat roof solution is manufactured from engineered sheets with preformed details and factory applied tapes. This provides a waterproof solution that is easy to install. A Fibreglass GRP flat roof is a very labour intensive option. All resins and application of gel coats are done on site. It is important to get the quantities right to ensure a reliable finish.

The cost comparison

When it comes to the cost of EPDM vs fibreglass flat roof solution, the costs are actually comparable. It is the time it takes to install a GRP Fibreglass roof which could increase your bill.

Other factors to consider

A fibreglass roof produces more noise than an EPDM rubber solution, especially when it rains. Also, consider the materials used. EPDM is an inert material which is easy to clean when wet whereas a GRP Fibreglass roof uses polyester resins. These resins are dissolved in styrenes which are flammable and classed as an irritant. Both, however, are very strong and durable solutions.

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