We often talk about the benefits of having a thermally insulated conservatory so that you can enjoy your summer garden, but there are many reasons, and seasons, to enjoy the garden all year round. Let’s take a look at how you can best enjoy your Somerset winter garden.

Winter is Coming

As the autumn leaves fall and the mornings get crisper, and colder, our gardens take on a new appearance. New plants grow, the landscape changes and on sunny days, it’s nice to sit in your conservatory and enjoy the benefits of this time of year. That is if it’s not too cold!

Somerset Conservatory Too Cold?

For many, the conservatory can become a place that is neglected and forgotten during the winter because it’s just too cold and heating it seems like a false economy. You may go in and open the doors or a window to ventilate and give it a good clean and you might even stretch to putting the heating on if you have guests over but largely, it can cost a lot of money and seem like a lot of effort to use a conservatory that is basically an energy pit. So, the conservatory stays unused until the spring months when it gets warmer but before it becomes too hot!!!!

Fixing the Problem is Simple

The solution of course, is to fix the problem. Bring the outside in and enjoy the benefits of nature from the warmth and comfort of your winter garden room. Some may fear this involves a whole new conservatory but it doesn’t. Did you know, you can simply change the roof? Yes, you can swap out your existing conservatory roof for a thermally insulated, flat roof alternative and maximise the benefits of this space.

Whether you are enjoying your retirement and wanting to make the most of your home and garden, or looking to maximise on every space in the house, you can turn your conservatory into a room for all seasons. Forget the summer house… you can convert your space into your very own winter house and make the most of your Somerset winter garden. A cosy space to enjoy the outdoors while staying inside. Enjoy your coffee from the warmth and comfort on those days when it’s cold outside but you can enjoy the warmth of the winter sun through the windows. Watch the kids play outside while you enjoy a cuppa, dine with family and friends or simply take a minute to watch the birds as you relax.

Get away from the TV and take time to enjoy the garden, whatever the weather

If you work, or study, from home, enjoy the benefits of a conservatory that is temperate all year round. Create a hobby room or somewhere to relax, away from the noise of the rest of the family.

Benefit From Natural Light

A flat roof doesn’t mean comprising on light. We aren’t suggesting that you lose natural light in order to improve the temperature and comfort of your conservatory. That would just replace one issue with another. In fact, there is an ideal solution. We can supply and install flat roof lights which will give you all the natural light you need to beat the winter blues and optimise the light in your winter garden.

Create Your Own Winter Garden

If all of the above sounds appealing, and you want to discuss in more detail, you can arrange your FREE survey and quotation so that you can begin to enjoy your Somerset winter garden whatever the weather, and indeed at any other time of the year. Simple call us on 01934 824005 for more information.