At some times of year more than others, we are reminded of the potential space we could have in our homes if we were making the best use of it. We take a look at some ideas to help you maximise every metre of space available and how you can optimise every room for use throughout the year.

Converting a Room for Practical Use

Perhaps it’s a freezing cold conservatory with rain rattling on the roof. Maybe it’s a damp and dark garage that could be put to more effective use. You may need to escape to a gym in the garden or find a space that you can turn into a home office. When you think about it, are you making the best of the space available to you? Could you be converting a room for better practical use?

Our Homes Have Become our Office and Gym

Since Covid in 2020, we have been forced to spend our time in our homes around the clock working, exercising, and keeping ourselves entertained. While many went back to the office, others carried on working from home, at least some of the time. Our home has become our office, our gym, and spaces where we spend more of our time. For some, there may still be rooms that haven’t been put to their full potential that we could be making better use of.

Start by ensuring every space is properly insulated. Take the conservatory as an example. It’s boiling in summer and freezing in winter. The rain hammers down on it and it’s the last place you want to spend time. Now imagine replacing the roof with a thermally insulated alternative with roof lanterns to allow natural light to fill the space. Instantly, you have a warmer room that is protected from the elements that you can make better use of. 

A Summerhouse Becomes a Winter House 

Convert that summerhouse with a thermally insulated rubber roofing solution and make it watertight, warm and cosy. It then becomes a snug for the kids to spend time allowing them to escape from the house or an office that you can make your own to break up the daily routine. A yoga retreat, a home gym, a reading corner… there are so many possibilities. a great space to entertain friends and family for summer or festive times. 

Let’s Not Forget the Garage

The garage! The room that becomes the junk room where things go to never be seen again yet somewhere you have to regularly clear out to stay on top of it all. Clear out the chaos, empty it and pop a new thermally insulated roof on it. Then it becomes a place that is fit for use. Convert the interior and you have yourself a home gym. Great for those looking at new year resolutions! 

Start with a New Roof 

Often, a new roof is all you need to improve the insulation of a room and make it watertight. There are lots of other things you can consider – plumbing, electrics, plastering etc. to make the room even more practical – that’s up to you to decide. We can certainly help you get started and would be only too happy to discuss your requirements on 01934 824005. 

If you would like to discuss the possibilities of turning your garage into a home gym, or replacing the conservatory roof with a more solid and reliable option, the team at Thermal Roof are happy to help. Give us a call on 01934 824005.