Choosing the right flat roofer can sometimes involve a little research in advance to make sure that you are going to get value for money and a thorough, quality job. All too often customers can get ripped off by cowboys that take their money and run with no comeback if there are any issues further down the line.

Now, while we don’t want to scare you, in today’s modern world of technology, it is not such a problem to find out what you need to know before you choose a company for your project. Consumers can be more savvy when it comes to choosing tradesmen thanks to the wealth of information at their fingertips. We take a look at 5 common mistakes to avoid when choosing a flat roofer:

1.  Failing to Research When Choosing a Flat Roofer 

There are many flat roofing companies out there that do a sterling job and that you can be confident in hiring however, there are also cowboys that let the side down and give the industry a bad name. Being able to separate the charlatans from the reliable and reputable companies that will look after you, isn’t hard to do with a little foresight and time.

Check out their online presence

A reputable and reliable flat roofing company, in most instances, will have a good online presence which includes a website (often with a blog), a Facebook page and other social media/directory listings. If you aren’t sure how to find this information then just Google the name of the company and see how many results you get.

Read their reviews

It’s rare for every company to have 5 star reviews but we would suggest that you are looking for a minimum of 4.5 as an average. You will always get a disgruntled customer that likes to complain, unfortunately, they tend to be more willing to leave reviews than those that you have done a fantastic job for. However, by checking Google and Facebook reviews as well as sites like Trust Pilot, you will be able to discover those that have a good reputation.

If choosing a local company, you can always pop a Facebook post up asking if anyone has used ‘XXX Flat Roofing Services’ and what they thought of them or for them to share their recommendations.

Ask the neighbours

If you have a flat roof, chances are the neighbours will have too and they will be able to recommend a company that they have used. They may not even mind discussing the price they paid and let you have a look at the work.

Check for accreditations

Are they a Which Trusted Trader or Trading Standards Approved? These are great for determining if a flat roofing company is credible. It is not easy to get these accreditations. Companies have to pass inspections and provide evidence of their work before becoming accredited.

2.  Not Checking Insurance

What if something goes wrong and the company go through the ceiling or cause damage to yours or neighbouring buildings while carrying out the work? If they aren’t insured it is going to cost you money to put it right. Also, by not using approved roofers, you may not be covered under any future insurance claims made for damage to property etc.

Don’t be afraid to ask for copies of their insurance. A decent company will not mind you asking, after all, they are the ones that pay the premiums to give their customers peace of mind and provide a good service.

3.  Not Getting a Quote Upfront

How much is the job going to cost you? Now, while it can often be difficult to predict unforeseen problems, getting a best and worst case scenario or a written quotation is not too much to ask. Ask the company to provide you with a quote and ask them if there are likely to be any hidden costs.

It can be difficult to foresee jobs running into problems but you need to be notified of this straight away. Ideally you want to agree a fixed cost upfront and get this in writing rather than being presented with a bill at the end which far exceeds what you were expecting. Explain to the company that you have a fixed budget and will need to be notified of any changes and they must be agreed by you before proceeding.

4.  Not Having a Roofing Warranty

Not having a warranty will present you with all kinds of potential problems. What happens if something goes wrong? Most products and services come with a warranty. It could be electrical appliances with a 2 year guarantee or a roof with a 25 year warranty.

You will discover that the higher quality kinds of flat roof come with a 25-year warranty which means you know you are going to be protected for a long time to come. Ask the company what the warranties/guarantees are if you can’t see them prominently displayed on their website.

5.  Don’t Base Your Decision on Price

You have heard the saying ‘you get what you pay for’, right? Well, if you want a cheap felt roof then you are going to have issues with it a lot sooner than choosing a higher quality material that is tried and tested.

Yes sure, in the short term a cheaper alternative will save you money but in the long term it is going to cost you money in potential repair costs and damage to your property. Felt and other cheaper solutions tend to crack and tear in extremes of weather. An EPDM rubber solution is a much preferable, and longer-lasting alternative but it will cost you more. Pay to get the job done right the first time and spend time choosing a flat roofer that is going to do the best job.

Contact Us for More Details

We have lost count of the times that we have been contacted after a customer has encountered issues with their previous roofing contractors. Often, there is no follow up, they can’t get hold of the company or they didn’t get a quote and ended up with a large bill. The products used weren’t good quality, there was no insurance or they didn’t get a guarantee. To avoid this happening to you, follow the steps above and if in any doubt, simply give us a call on 01934 824005 or contact us for our help and advice on choosing a flat roofer.