How is your flat roof?

Now the UK has entered the winter phase of it’s seasons, with heavy rain and storms – this is the perfect time to check your flat roof. Taking a look at on a rainy day is the best time. Make sure there are no tell-tale puddles, piles of leaves and so on.

A Surveyor provided these handy tips for a healthy and dry protective flat roof whilst he was carrying out a home survey .

“I climbed my ladder and found this sorry looking flat roof – It displays all the signs of a poorly-designed roof and neglect.”

Roofers Weston super Mare flat roof repairs rotting wood support struts

When is a flat roof not a flat roof?

Despite being called a “flat” roof, such roofs are in fact meant to have a slight slope on them. This is to allow for rainwater to run off them into a suitably positioned gutter. Such a slope is no good if you allow the gravel chippings which are meant to protect the felt on a roof like this to pile up.

Roofers Weston super Mare flat roof repairs

Moss and other plants will then add to the problem. The first time most homeowners realise they have a problem with a flat roof is when they spot water leaking in.

Fortunately, in this instance this was a garage roof. But imagine the damage and disruption if it was your lounge extension ceiling the water was coming through?

The answer is for you or your builder to check your flat roof every now and then. This can often be done safely from an upstairs window with no ladder required.

Often a little preventative TLC can avoid a more costly repair or replacement job later on. Remember, prevention is better than cure!


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