The Hidden Problems of Rain

We have had so much rainfall lately that now is a great time to look for any weaknesses in your property and ensure that rainwater does not track its way in. But how do you tell if your property is vulnerable to rain? The first thing you might notice is a damp spot on a [...]

The Ultimate Checklist: Christmas Home Improvement Must-dos

Christmas is just around the corner, and whilst we're all busy planning menus and shopping for gifts, it's also important to make sure our homes are ready for the festive season. There are many jobs to do before Christmas, but one area that often gets overlooked is Christmas home improvements. This is the perfect time [...]

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Home Improvements That Will Save You Money and Some That Won’t

There are many reasons that we undertake improvements to the home. For some it's to improve their currently living space while for others it is to increase the value of the home. When it comes to home improvements to save money, it's good to know which will add value or save you money and which [...]

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Act Now and Save Money in the Long Term

Leaky, draughty roof or loft space? Poor insulation? With the new price cap announced from October 1st, now, more than ever it is time to address it. We take a look at why it’s important to ensure your home is sufficiently insulated now rather than waiting until the temperatures drop and how you can save [...]

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What is an EPDM Flat Roof and Why Should You Choose it?

You may have heard the term “EPDM’ when it comes to flat roofs, but what is an EPDM flat roof and how is it different to other materials? What can you expect from EPDM flat roofing? EPDM stands for Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer – no surprises that it is more commonly referred to as EPDM [...]

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Is it Time for New Gutters?

Is it time to replace your gutters? Perhaps this isn't something you have considered as you've had other things on your mind. Maybe it's been a long time since you inspected them or had them cleaned. As we approach spring, and after a winter of heavy storms and frosts, now is definitely the time to [...]

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The Damage Caused by a Leaking Flat Roof

The question we are often asked when it comes to older flat roofs is “how long before a leak damage causes damage?” and “what sort of damage will it cause?”. Of course, there are no absolute answers, simply that if you don’t get the leak fixed, sooner rather than later, it is going to cause [...]

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Enjoying Your Winter Garden

We often talk about the benefits of having a thermally insulated conservatory so that you can enjoy your summer garden, but there are many reasons, and seasons, to enjoy the garden all year round. Let's take a look at how you can best enjoy your Somerset winter garden. Winter is Coming As the autumn leaves [...]

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5 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing a Flat Roofer

Choosing the right flat roofer can sometimes involve a little research in advance to make sure that you are going to get value for money and a thorough, quality job. All too often customers can get ripped off by cowboys that take their money and run with no comeback if there are any issues further [...]

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