Has Your Roof Sprung a Leak?

We seem to be having a very mild winter currently which has followed a very dry autumn. The seasons have become somewhat confused and the pattern of what usually happens to our homes has changed somewhat. The leaves fell early which led to gutters becoming clogged, which then led to people noticing a leaking flat [...]

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EPDM – An Excellent Choice for Hot Weather Roofing

Did you know that EPDM rubber membrane roofing is one of the best materials you can use on a roof in a hot climate. OK, so we hear you… it’s not like it’s hot for more than a few weeks here in the UK, so why is it is so important that you invest in [...]

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Is Your Garage Ready for Winter?

The garage: a space that serves many purposes. For some, it gives the mice and other wildlife somewhere safe and warm to hibernate amongst the belongings that have been piling up there for the best part of 15 years. For others it actually serves more of a purpose whether that’s somewhere to store tools, a [...]

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