How to Reduce Condensation Problems in the Home

Do you wake up in the morning to find your windows completely fogged up or notice that your conservatory is always full of condensation? Condensation occurs when warm, moist air comes into contact with a cold surface, such as a window or wall. Unfortunately, if left, it can lead to mould and other health hazards. [...]

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The More Unusual Uses for a Flat Roof 

Much of our time is spent replacing flat roofs with an EDPM solution on local flat roofs around the areas of Somerset, Bristol, Bath, and surrounding areas. These flat roofs are often installed on garages that have had a felt roof that hasn’t stood the test of time, or a perspective conservatory roof being replaced [...]

Has the Hot Weather Damaged Your Flat Roof?

Given that we have seen some of the hottest temperatures ever seen in this country, it’s fair to say the aftermath is now being seen. While the fields look parched and yellow and hosepipe bans are being introduced, it’s wise to consider the impact that the extreme temperatures have had on the home. Paying particular [...]

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Is Your Flat Roof Storm Proof?

It’s fair to say that the area has been battered by winds recently with this atrocious weather showing no sign of letting up. We have already seen one storm this week; Storm Dudley which saw winds exceeding 30mph, now we are being told to brace ourselves for another; Storm Eunice with gusts of up to [...]

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Protecting Your Home this Winter

As we head into another winter, it’s time to start preparing your home and garden for what the bad weather might bring. Let’s be honest, we know there is going to be a fair amount of wind and rain. In addition to battening down the hatches (or at least the garden furniture), you also need [...]

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Local Flat Roofing Company Adds Further Accolade

At Thermal Flat Roofing, we strive for perfection. We want to provide a good customer experience from start to finish. From the moment you pick up the phone, or search for us online, to the completion of your local flat roofing project, our aim is to make it easy and deliver top quality products that [...]

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What can happen to your Weston super Mare roof during warmer weather?

While you may pay more attention to your Weston super Mare roof when the weather is colder or wetter, there are also things to consider during the summer months too. Of course, it is much easier to assume that the cold and wet weather is responsible for any damage. We don’t tend to worry too [...]

Thermal Roof’s Top Autumn Tips for Inspecting your Property

As the nights draw in and the temperatures drop, it is important to carry out an external autumn roof inspection and a general external assessment of your property before the really cold temperatures of winter set in. There are several things to look out for which could end up saving you time and money: Check [...]

7 reasons that your North Somerset flat roof may need repairing

Across the UK flat roofs are popular for many reasons. They are especially popular for garages and one storey extensions, but many homes across North Somerset and surrounds have a flat roof as opposed to a pitch roof. Just like pitch roofs, over time, a flat roof can sustain damage from the weather, wear and [...]

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