Benefits of an EPDM Flat Roof

Flat roofs are a common sight in modern building design. Their versatility, cost-effectiveness, and easy installation make them a popular option for residential and commercial projects. However, not all flat roofs are equal. An EPDM flat roof offers distinct advantages over other roofing materials, providing a range of benefits for building owners. At Thermal Roof, [...]

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How to Reduce Condensation Problems in the Home

Do you wake up in the morning to find your windows completely fogged up or notice that your conservatory is always full of condensation? Condensation occurs when warm, moist air comes into contact with a cold surface, such as a window or wall. Unfortunately, if left, it can lead to mould and other health hazards. [...]

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The More Unusual Uses for a Flat Roof 

Much of our time is spent replacing flat roofs with an EDPM solution on local flat roofs around the areas of Somerset, Bristol, Bath, and surrounding areas. These flat roofs are often installed on garages that have had a felt roof that hasn’t stood the test of time, or a perspective conservatory roof being replaced [...]

Almost Half of Homeowners Plan Home Improvements

According to a new study by Häfele UK, carried out in March 2023, almost half of UK homeowners (45%) are planning home improvements within the next two years. This news comes despite a challenging start to the year for the home improvements sector. Factors such as a reduction in energy pricing may be allowing homeowners [...]

What is the Best Flat Roof Material?

There are various materials that can be used in flat roofing. Some are more effective than others and built to last for decades, while others, which may not be as expensive, can fail after a much shorter space of time. This can end up costing more in the long term from replacement flat roofs and [...]

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EPDM – An Excellent Choice for Hot Weather Roofing

Did you know that EPDM rubber membrane roofing is one of the best materials you can use on a roof in a hot climate. OK, so we hear you… it’s not like it’s hot for more than a few weeks here in the UK, so why is it is so important that you invest in [...]

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Do You Need a New Garage Flat Roof?

We take a look at how a garage flat roof replacement can transform an empty, cold and bleak space into a room you can use all year round. Is your garage a wasted space? Is it piled high with junk? Could it do with a makeover? Is there something else you could use the space [...]

What can happen to your Weston super Mare roof during warmer weather?

While you may pay more attention to your Weston super Mare roof when the weather is colder or wetter, there are also things to consider during the summer months too. Of course, it is much easier to assume that the cold and wet weather is responsible for any damage. We don’t tend to worry too [...]

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