Is it Time for a New Conservatory Roof?

Ever since the pandemic, the way we live our lives has changed somewhat. While some of us returned to the office (albeit for less days), many of us found ourselves working from home on a more permanent basis. This has led to a requirement for more space. People were suddenly finding themselves needing desk space, [...]

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EPDM – An Excellent Choice for Hot Weather Roofing

Did you know that EPDM rubber membrane roofing is one of the best materials you can use on a roof in a hot climate. OK, so we hear you… it’s not like it’s hot for more than a few weeks here in the UK, so why is it is so important that you invest in [...]

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The Benefits of a Flat Roof Light

There are many benefits to converting your conservatory roof to a thermally insulated flat roof. Perhaps the biggest benefit is that you can use the conservatory as somewhere to work, a hobby room or an additional reception room all year round. Having an energy efficient, thermally insulated flat roof solution regulates the temperature within the [...]

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