There are various materials that can be used in flat roofing. Some are more effective than others and built to last for decades, while others, which may not be as expensive, can fail after a much shorter space of time. This can end up costing more in the long term from replacement flat roofs and damage to the property. We take a look at the various options available and the best flat roof material for your project.

EPDM Rubber Membrane

By far the most resistant type of flat roofing material, EPDM is built to last. In fact, an EDPM (Ethylene propylene diene monomer) roofs, in many instances, come with a 25-year guarantee. The difference with an EDPM roof, and the reason it is the most resilient form of roofing, is that it is built to stand extreme weathers and temperatures.

Because it is rubber, it won’t shrink and crack like other materials. It is a malleable material and will bend and flex as required. It’s no surprise that it’s such a popular choice when it comes to choosing the best flat roof materials for a roofing project.

EPDM is also an eco-friendly. Because it is rubber, it can be recycled (if it ever gets to that point) and used again.

No more cracked roofs which allow the water to leak through. With an EPDM rubber membrane roof, you have the peace of mind that your roof will stand the test of time.

GRP Roofing

Glass Reinforced Polyester is constructed from a glass laminate. Formulated with a liquid resin and reinforcement mat. This material is cut to fit and is used often in awkward shapes.

It will come as no surprise that something made of glass is also prone to cracking. It can also be more expensive than EPDM. It requires more tools, installation time and products which is one of the reasons it costs more.

It also requires good conditions to install it as it can’t get wet during the installation process.

Unlike EPDM roofing, if it does need repairing, it can be a tricky job. It is a lot harder to repair a glass resin crack than it is to repair EPDM That said, it is durable and it is designed to last. It’s not as forgiving as EPDM though and not as easy to clean.

Bitumen Felt Flat Roofing

Felt flat roofing is a more traditional choice of flat roofing however, as the various flat roof materials used have evolved, it has become a rather outdated form of material. While it is cheap and doesn’t cost a lot to repair or replace, it can cost you a lot more in the long term as it’s not as durable as it’s counterparts.

Felt is not impervious to extreme weather conditions. In extremes of hot and cold the materials can crack, split, tear and sag and water can pool in the middle of the roof. Once a roof has a vulnerability, this can leave your property at risk of damage. The water can get in through the cracks, permeate the surface and end up finding its way into your home.

Once you have a leak in the roof or in the home, it can cost a lot more than having a higher quality of flat roof installed.

Why We Choose EDPM as Best Flat Roof Material

While you may think it is easy for us to extol the benefits of EPDM because it’s largely what we install, you have to ask us why we chose to specialise in this product. Essentially, it’s because we believe it is the best solution for flat roofs. It’s cost, durability, installation and all round effectiveness means it’s what we always recommend to our customers.

We strive for perfection and are very proud of our reputation for quality and customer service. As a local family run business who are Which Trusted Traders and Trading Standards approved, you can be confident when you choose us to provide your flat roof. If you have any questions, or would like us to quote for a job, please contact us on 01934 824005.