As the nights draw in and the temperatures drop, it is important to carry out an external autumn roof inspection and a general external assessment of your property before the really cold temperatures of winter set in. There are several things to look out for which could end up saving you time and money:

Check the attic/loft space insulation

 If it has been some time since you last went up into the roof space, you may be worried about what you might find up there. It is a good idea to get the loft inspected to ensure that your insulation is still in place and is undamaged by possible rodents or workmen that may have displaced something. You also need to check that the insulation is of sufficient thickness and that it is not installed right to the edge of the roof, giving the space ‘room to breathe’.

Inspect the guttering

With the arrival of autumn comes the arrival of leaves, lots of them! They tend to end up in our gutters and can lead to blockage and leaking. It is a good idea to check them for birds’ nests, the leftover mulch from last winter (if you didn’t check them in spring) and any other general debris. You may also have cracks or damage and need some, or all, of your uPVC guttering repaired.

gutter repairs

Carry out an autumn roof inspection

At this time of year especially, it is important to carry out an autumn roof inspection, especially with a flat roof, for damage. It may not be possible to see yourself if you have a damaged roof so an expert can come and carry out a thorough inspection for you. With flat roofs in particular, as the temperatures drop, the old felt can crack and start letting water in. Of course, you don’t want the first thing you notice to be a wet patch on your ceiling.

General wear and tear

Carry out a visual inspection all around the outside of your property for signs of wear and tear or possible hazards. Is there broken brick work, do you have birds’ nests under the eaves of the roof, is there any damage to the soffits and fascias, are the window and door deals all in order and is your house watertight? Having the repairs carried out now, before the more prevalent rains and cold set in, will save you misery in the future.

Preparing the garden for winter

A simple tip is to clean up the garden and prepare it for winter. Most things you can do yourself like that final cut of the grass, putting away any garden furniture and having a general clean and tidy round. Raise any containers onto feet, or a higher surface to prevent water logging and frost, and get a head start on your spring bulb planting. If you have a large tree that needs attention, now is the time to get it seen to before it becomes a hazard in the wind and rains. You may need to call in a professional but you can trim off any loose branches and clear away any debris including fallen leaves which can cause blockages.

It is well worth spending the time and money getting an autumn roof inspection and having the exterior of the property inspected before winter to ensure that you don’t end up with even bigger bills when something that could have been avoided goes wrong. When it comes to flat roof inspections or repairs, refurbishment or replacement, we will be happy to help.