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Valley & Gully Gutter
repair, replacement
and maintenance
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Valley & Gully repairs or replacement

Valley & gully gutters are installed where either two main roofs meet, a roof changes direction or where a roof and a wall meet. Normally the gutters are sloping to allow for water to flow in to the drainage system of your house. Because most valley & gully gutters cannot be seen without ascending a ladder problems are not spotted until it is too late.

Valleys & gully gutters need to be checked regularly…

Valley & gully gutters come in a number of different styles and types and quite often are not visible from ground level. Traditionally made of lead, other materials such as GRP and EPDM rubber are also used. The valley & gully gutters commonly seen from the ground are those on Victorian properties where the roof changes direction.

Valley & gully gutters notoriously cause roof problems by becoming blocked with debris such as leaves and twigs. A blocked gutter forces water to flow in to other parts of the roof causing damage and leaks. Damage can also be caused when the gutter itself fails through age or wear and tear.

Thermal Roof are experts in valley & gully gutter repair and maintenance

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Thermal Roof can provide a total valley & gully gutter repair or replacement service.

Our highly experienced team will survey and identify any problems, and provide you with the best and most cost effective solution possible.

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