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Chimney stack repair
service, from repointing
to a complete rebuild
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Chimney repointing, repairs & rebuilds

Thermal Roof offer a complete chimney stack repair service, from repointing to a complete rebuild.

Your chimney is exposed to the elements all year long!

Brickwork and the other materials that are used in the construction of your house are largely protected by the roof and eaves. Your chimney stack however gets no such protection and is constantly exposed. From winter snow, spring showers, autumn winds and summer sun, your chimney takes a battering all year round.

Masonry can lose it’s properties quickly after absorbing moisture and exposure to the elements, this can cause stress and loss of integrity to the chimney structure. Water leakage, exposure to the weather, cracking, lack of maintenance and age are all things that could make your chimney dangerous and structurally unsound.

Thermal Roof are experts in chimney stack repair and maintenance

We are always available to offer help and advice…

Our team of experienced and highly trained staff are always available to offer advice on any concerns you might have regarding your chimney stack and will offer you the best and most cost-effective solution possible.

If you want to ensure your chimney stays safe and secure for many years then talk to Thermal Roof, experts in chimney stack repair and maintenance.

Thermal Roof’s chimney stack services include…

  • Chimney stack repairs
  • Stack re-pointing
  • Chimney re-builds
  • Chimney stack removal
  • Installation of vents

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